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Postby dislekcia on Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:35 pm

Bryant wrote:I just started playing the game and it's as delightful as everyone has made it out to be :)

On the topic of Unity, how do you keep your sprites pixel perfect? What's your logic for sizing the planes relative to the camera? That's the part that loses me...

We arbitrarily picked a scale and just messed with magic numbers until we had something that was right. At the moment 1 in-game unit = 30 pixels at 800x600, so we work everything off that. All our sprite constructors have in-game and pixel measurement constructors, so we work with whatever we need them to be.

Aeq also wrote a shader that doesn't do any filtering, unless it needs to upscale, then it works in clumps of 4 pixels. We had to do that after different graphics drivers were blurring the textures a little.
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