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Postby Incompetent on Sat Oct 01, 2011 4:06 pm

Felid: 1 stackable (?) death shield per X CP (not sure how much is balanced). Does not count as casting CYDSTEPP for the purposes of piety (but surviving a killing blow thanks to this does count). Because cats have nine lives...

Werewolf (or Time Lord ;) ): Every time the CP bar rolls over, your character is restored (as if you had levelled up, but without any permanent stat changes). Probably needs to be fairly expensive to be balanced, but bear in mind you can't stock up on restoration like you can with potions.

Mutant: 1 bonus per 80 CP, picked randomly from the other races' bonuses. (Powerful if you're playing a versatile class/deity, not so good if you want a particular bonus.)
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