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Crashes after Dwarf Fortress update

PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2012 12:07 pm
by Oldwing

I have been experiencing several crashes after the Dwarf Fortress update. The game itself does not give me a crash report, but Unity player crashes. I think that all of these crashes has happened when I have killed a monster with a fireball. Most of the times it has been the final boss, but sometimes it happens during killing a normal monster. In all of the cases I have been using crystal ball and my race has usually been an elf. Class has changed. Also these crashes tend to happen always Magma Mines or Hexx Ruins. I played Magma Mines through four times before I made it without freezing and now I have lost three times in Hexx Ruins due to a crash.

I have been playing with two different PC's. Using either Chrome or Firefox. The crashes occurred more often with Chrome. I think they started after the Dwarf Fortress update and are still going on.