Brother, can you spare a saved game?

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Brother, can you spare a saved game?

Postby georgetzortzis on Wed Feb 05, 2014 2:16 am

Hi everyone. I am an obsessive Desktop Dungeons player who deleted his game to keep himself in check. I thought using the Steam backup feature would preserve my saved kingdom for when I didn't have to work so hard on my real job. It didn’t. So, tech support suggested ask the community if anyone out there has a saved game I could have that would get me close to where I left off. Otherwise, I don't think I can play the 15+ hours I already slogged through (this game is hard, I died a lot!). Below is a list of attributes my poor obliterated kingdom of Brokelyn possessed:

- I had the first two ranks of all the following classes: mage, fighter, thief, cleric

- I had the following races: humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings

- I had the blacksmith upgrade with the three storage slots; I had the bank upgraded twice

- I had the demonic market upgrade that added four additional vending machines to each dungeon

- I was on the "Unlikely Hero" quest and still had not found the witch in a random subdungeon

- I had beaten the initial desert, jungle, ice, and _______ quests with the first and second rank hero classes (mage/wizard; warrior/beserker; etc. EXCEPT the Rogue). So the first tier of “hard” quests were unlocked but not completed.

- Puzzles were pretty much incomplete

- I found the plant god, chaos god, warrior god, pious god (with the beads), vampire god, and mage god

- The only class-based quests I’d completed were with the mage. The other 11 were still unconquered.

Please let me know if that’s enough information, or if there’s some other forum I should post the above to in order to find a close save. I’d be forever grateful to be able to feed my addiction again!

Take care,
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