Account creation issue

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Account creation issue

Postby rerp on Sat May 17, 2014 2:44 am

Hi! I just purchased the special edition of your game via Steam last night. I wanted to play on my browser so I tried to look for the account creation prompt, but to no end. Then I came by this Change Password option here ( so I had it send a request to this email I primarily use, and is my Steam email as well ( I also tried using a different email to check if it would work with just about any email (one that was also Steam-connected), but it didn't so that's fine.

I think it partly worked and I got to "reset my password", but upon trying to log in, I get an error (in this pic:, on both the browser player and the Steam app.

I also sent an email regarding this to and I got this reply:
I'm afraid that the game didn't help you set up an account very well - changing your password is only useful if you've already got an account set up, it doesn't create one for you. If you're only seeing the email and password prompts, you need to click Cancel to go back to the Kingdom selection menu, then click Log In from there (in the box). That will create two buttons, one will let you log in if you already have an account, the other will let you link your Steam account to a new account - that's the one you should click. That will send you to the correct part of our website and you'll be able to create a new account :)

So I tried this right now, and I'm narrating it here as I do so.
1. I clicked Cancel so I'm back to what it looks like when you just opened the program.
2. I clicked [Log in] on the box on the lower-right.
3. However, doing this takes me to the E-mail/Password prompt, similar to the attached screenshot. (This is where I actually produce the error I stated)

So yeah, I'm still stuck. :( I primarily want to play this at work via browser (lol!) so please help me resolve this? Thank you so much!
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Re: Account creation issue

Postby dislekcia on Sun May 18, 2014 12:20 pm

Click here to link a Steam account without going through the game...

It sounds like the game isn't picking up your Steam running in the background correctly. Sorry about that.
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