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Beta Feedback

Postby pingchecker on Fri Aug 12, 2011 9:03 am

Couple things I am posting right now that I have notice when playing the beta.

1. Enemy skills need more description. I have encountered a Mysterious Murkshade, that has an ability called bloodless, which has no description. So players are left to guess what it does.

2. Thief ability - STABBER "Deals an extra 30% damage on the first attack of any new monsters". This is a bit confusing also. Is this the first attack on a new monster type. ei you find a goat, and attack it with 30% damage bonus... will the next goat you encounter be deemed a "non new monster", or does it work in the fashion that the first time you meet goat "a" you do 30% bonus damage and then you meet goat "b" you will still do 30% bonus damage.

That's all that I can thing of at the moment. Hopefully you guys can word a couple of things differently for the newer players. Thanks for reading my feedback, and btw great game guys!!!! :D
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