City Expansion does not end

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City Expansion does not end

Postby eladv on Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:07 pm

Hi! I'm just bought the DD beta today. I'm playing it, and somehow despite the fact that I finished all of the three city expansion maps (all 3 of them), it doesn't seem to give me any "message" to the effect that I've finished it (I'm not sure whether I got the 500 gold reward for completion) and no further quests load. Which leads me to believe that some trigger that's supposed to happen when I finish City Expansion, simply does not trigger.

1. I played through all of the alpha version, so I think I understand what it means to "finish" a level, etc
2. The problem might be that I finished all of the "starter pack" puzzles before I finished City Expansion. Or that I upgraded the Church to LV2. Or something like that.

Do you have my email (to check my profile) or should I post it here? It's the same email as I used to register to the message boards.

One more note: I as kind of annoying that the Taxidermist was asking me for Zombie Brains, so I was trying to figure out which of the City Expansion levels have a Zombie boss and played priest all the way, so I can get the bonus ASAP, while in fact *none* of them have a Zombie Boss

Thanks for making an awesome game!!! I loved the alpha and am sure I'll like the beta (and full version) even more
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