I want my money back!

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I want my money back!

Postby morbiditto on Tue May 01, 2012 5:35 pm

You Suck, I want a refund on my whole 10$ that I've spent on this crap... Haha, not really, I'm just joking. You guys are hated tho, sometimes, for all those goats and deaths, and all those balance misunderstandings that make the new guy Google in desperation.

But all together in the end I really want to see the all patched up & balanced end game, it's going to be a beauty for sure... So work mortals, work hard and finish this dang game! ... or blood will be shed! ... your blood!!! mwahahahahahaha... khm.
It will all be clear to you... in time... mwahahahahah!
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