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Re: Now i know what vicious means

Postby Dreamdancer on Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:38 am

Dragon Isle gives me headaches...
Last run was nearly succesfull, made two mistakes, but was on the other had really lucky with items:
Orc Transmuter. Prep JJ, Avatars Symbol, quicksilver/reflex/whupaz + other small stuff.
Used LEMMISI + 1-2glyphs for big-buff to kill a lvl7 or 8 troll (got to lvl5).
used whupaz on the first born and with two lvlups killed him (-> lvl 8), needed also quicksilver and reflex potion, think this cost me too much ressources.
got chaos avatar and with pact maker dracul (blood curse then blood shield). but did here a big mistake:
bought first sanguie, in order to get more piety, but since i was lvl10 and next lvlup far away, taking damage to use sanguie was no option -> converted last potion), if i hadn't bought sanguie, i would have enough piety to use the potion
Found a posion dagger (yeah) and converted some of the other items.
Subdungeon was also awesome: Yin and Yang
Went with: fine sword, avatars symbol, WEYTWUT, LEMMISI, poison dagger, a mana and a schadenfreude potion into the dungeon. Used LEMMISI to find boss and last dragon. Three attempts with WEYTWUT and i was near the boss.
Drank the schadenfreude potion converted something.
Attacked final once and then used LEMMISI to heal and converted it + the dagger.
In the end i would have needed two more strikes...
The health potion probably would have given one. For the last i would have need 2mana-pot to use WEYTWUT. Or one of quicksilver/relfex. Probably could have used Avatars Symbol better the get more damage...
Really annoying, when i look what i have found in the item/god/subdungeon section...

Think for this dungeon i will need many more tries. Especially if i want to do it with three classes...
No time for another try this night. But the weekend is near (wuhu).
Wish me luck guys
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Re: Now i know what vicious means

Postby Darvin on Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:42 am

Well, if you're still having trouble by Friday, the warlord bug should be fixed so the Trisword-wielding Gnomish Warlord should serve you quite well. In my opinion it's the most reliable vicious-dungeon combo by a considerable margin. Works well with JJ, GG, and Mystera in particular.
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Re: Now i know what vicious means

Postby Dreamdancer on Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:47 am

Should definitely look more into the warlord. Got him relative late, but he was the third class for which i beated the silver challenge; wizard and sorcerer where earlier, the rest i don't really know.
But for some reasons i played mostly orc rogues and gnome bloodmages. Which is one of the reason why the DoD-challenges are really nice for me -> must learn the other classes :)
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