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The Puzzles

Postby Laughing Physicist on Fri Dec 21, 2012 4:21 pm

I made an account to say the puzzles are increasingly amusing. I tip my hat to whoever designs them. It took me a good 10 minutes to solve 'Intro to Gnomes'! Took me a few attempts to realize I had to save my death protection until after I leveled up for maximized damage. Great fun! Thank you for a great game (well, beta... the freeware is great too!). :D
Laughing Physicist
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Re: The Puzzles

Postby coolsnake on Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:50 pm

Well they make you use your noggin, that's for sure.

I pretty much ragequit them and vowed never to do them again about 4 months back and I only did the Halfing and Taurog ones. I think I even looked up solutions for the later ones because I was so frustrated.

I know they were retweaked so I retried the Taurog ones today.

I think the problem is not necessarily that they're hard but that you're pretty much forced to follow one specific path. That really isn't a problem for the shorter ones (say Taurog 1 and 2) but it definitely is for Taurog 3.

Spoilers for Taurog 3 written in white:
This is a solution I followed that is ultimately wrong but good luck figuring that out on your own.
- Get shield
- kill Goblin
- kill Warlock
- Get sword
- hit Zombie
- hit Animated Armour
- kill Zombie


- kill Wraith
- kill Serpent
- Hit Dragon Spawn

Here my solution differentiates from the "right" solution

I can kill the Animated Armour/Dragon Spawn and the Meat Man without using GETINDARE which allows me to level up to level 3.

Unfortunately this ultimately leaves me with 14 HP against the level 4 Wraith in the end which will cause me to die.

The "right" solution in this case is to to kill the Animated Armour/Dragon Spawn and the level 3 Dragon Spawn while using GETINDARE once.

This leaves you with 16 HP against the level 4 Wraith in the end which is enough.

I can argue that the second case is more valid since it follows the general idea of using GETINDARE once per level.

I would argue for the first case that this at first glance allows you to save up 1 GETINDARE(which isn't beneficial in the long run) and that it lets you take care of the one high level non-magic user which makes the choice of the helm on level 3 a no brainer.(ignoring the fact that Meat Man does not care for 15% physical resistance from armour anyway since his damage is so low to begin with)
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