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Postby booooooze on Wed Feb 13, 2013 1:09 am

The Avatar wrote:Whupaz and Zot don't really combo. Whupaz does damage based on current, not max, hp.

I wouldn't be so sure about that... maybe it's a bug, but I've been dropping vicious vicious folk down to, well, less than that.
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Re: Super Vicious

Postby The Avatar on Wed Feb 13, 2013 3:59 am

Wow. Then maybe it was originally a bug and they fixed or it was a way of buffing the orb.

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Re: Super Vicious

Postby Blovski on Thu Feb 14, 2013 2:16 am

I've been thinking about what it'd take for the game to be 'finished' for me. Thought a dedicated thread might prompt too much snarkasm given the forums seem rather fraught atm.

I suppose I'm so used to the game that the player feedback stuff ain't too much of a fuss. More detailed win screens might be nice though I like them at the moment. Either way, for balance/interest:

Agree that dwarves are a bit unsassy atm. Not really a must-fix but a would-be-nice to see them get a bit more of a role.
GG's absolution's stacking cost is hurting Enlightenment too much.
Mystic Balance has been blandified a bit by the reduction of poison's cost. If it applied to a couple more glyphs that might be nice.
Getting JJ's boost health/mana boons after petition are a bit too costly to really leverage. Given they use up potions as well, they're already mostly useful for Halflings and Gnomes or people packing Schadenfreude. I mean, they're not bad but I don't think they compare well with other boons for getting health and mana. Keep the potion cost by all means but if they were lower-piety on a fairly stingy god I'd like him a lot more.
TT poison could use buff.

is pretty much it for me...

Edit: oh, and I don't like the difficulty level of a lot of Silver dungeons. I mean, if a lot of them are producing pot-luck 5-10 attempt games for me, I imagine they're going to keep new/less determined players away from the content. That's a personal taste thing really, though.
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Re: Super Vicious

Postby Darvin on Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:43 pm

GG's absolution's stacking cost is hurting Enlightenment too much.

I've found that the Paladin is now (relatively speaking) much too strong a GG-worshipper compared to anyone else. Because of favourable rounding, he gets half-priced absolution. Since absolution now makes up the majority of your piety expenditure with a long-term GG worshipper, this is just much too great an advantage.

I'd say Paladin is the only class that can seriously consider enlightenment at the moment. For everyone else it's a non-starter; it's just not possible to get enough piety to do it with the new bead cost. The issue is that some characters were leveraging absolution too much at levels 1-3. All this did was mean you have to convert more stuff to do that, while punishing high-level characters who never were a huge problem.
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