So..... Vicious Halls of Steel and Naga City...

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So..... Vicious Halls of Steel and Naga City...

Postby Psycho Savager on Sat Mar 09, 2013 12:47 pm

Can someone help please! I don't even know where to begin with these!
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Re: So..... Vicious Halls of Steel and Naga City...

Postby Ach Wheesht on Sun Mar 10, 2013 12:05 pm

First off, you're gonna want to have access to as many preps as possible, so make sure you've done a bunch of silver challenges - most of them have very useful item rewards - and upgrade all your buildings. Second, Vicious halls of steel is a lot easier than Naga city, I find. Some tips:

1. All the important enemies in VHoS use magic attacks, including both bosses! Resistance is generally seen as the best way to take down tough enemies, so check out which classes and gods can give you access to it.

2. Don't be too afraid to blow some resources right off the bat to get some early high level kills. But by the same token...

3. Don't waste too many resources levelling later. A good time to start fighting the Indomitable is level 6. When I'm playing Naga City, I tend to go down to the boss floor just before i get to level 8.

4. Specifically for VHoS - There are quite a few ways to take off more than one death protection per attack: Knockback, Mana Shield (Sorceror Class Trait), and discharging burning will all wear the Indomitable down quickly. Prep a burn salve for his corrosion. Also, blahblah *is* the tougher boss - you need to fight him with the map fully revealed, he does tons of damage, and has a *lot* of HP. Save resources for this guy!

5. Specifically for Naga City - The dungeon is all about building a crazy strong character, so long term bonuses really shine. Pick a race that gives good long term bonuses (Human, Elf, Dwarf). Alchemists scroll is awesome. If you don't pick up magic resistance, be careful about the fight against Kinisssch (He's a little tougher than he looks). A nice little tip I found - If you have some knockback damage, you can push super meat man into any other boss and basically get two kills (This is a fantastic way to get past the tower of goo).

Essentially the other half of Naga city is knowing your gods. You can prep a single god on the upper floor (Personal preferance: Binlor). Once you're at the boss room, you have access to all of them. Half of Naga city is figuring out how to extraxt maximum efficiency from these guys - which gods to worship, when to use consesus, which gods to desecrate and, of course, which boons to take are all factors.
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Re: So..... Vicious Halls of Steel and Naga City...

Postby Lujo on Sun Mar 10, 2013 2:07 pm

Knockback from the bear mace and binlor, and proper use of it, works wonders in both dungeons. I have rarely herd it mentioned, but:

If you take the indomitable down to his death protections, and have some magic resistance, his damage is going to start dropping with every DP you take off. It gets to a point where you can hit him and regenerate a bit of health to be able to hit him again and still do enough damage to knock a death protection off.

What I ussualy look to do then is level up to heal up by killing some saved low level monsters (popcorn) and start slamming the indomitable into Blah Blah. This eventualy takes a big chunk of health out of blah-blah before you even try to fight him, and can be made even more efficent with use of the pisorf glyph. Killing the indomitable + maybe some more popcorn can level you up again, and if the map is fully explored then Blah Blah has nowhere to blink and you can start fighting him. There is a complicated but manageable way to use whoopaz on blah blah before the fight begins, which I ussualy do.

I've found earthmother to be surprisingly good if you prepare bear mace. The IMAWAL glyph can help you level up, and there's a trick you can pull with the indomitable and a trick with Blah Blah. If I remember correctly, you can take the indomitable down to 3 damage, and if you've taken 3 vine forms from EM he'll do no damage to you and you'll get no damage from any corrosion. Then you can slam him into Blah Blah for a free kill and a bunch of damage to Blah Blah. I suppose this also works even better with the platemail if you pick it up before you fight the Indomitable.

If Earthomther is available, the trick with Blah Blah is that slowed monsters don't retaliate fireballs OR blink. So if you can repeatedly take the "entanglement" boon you can use a lot of fireballs against him, and you can remove the plants and get mana with her "clearance" boon. If you slammed the indomitable into him for a lot first, and then used up all your mana reasources to pelt him with fireballs, you can ussualy use your health resources and levels to finish him off.
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Re: So..... Vicious Halls of Steel and Naga City...

Postby Naoya on Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:21 pm

Before you start doing vicious, you should have as many unlocks as possible - some of the stuff can be incredible helpful.

Naturally, Berserker steamrolls VHOS due to his high innate magic resistance.
A sorcerer with bearmace can also kill the indomitable pretty fast. Generally, knockback is key here - so bearmace is a very useful prep. If you play a caster, you can use your healthpotions if needed on the indomitable - just conserve mana for BlahBlah, since he's pretty tough to fireball. A WHUPAZ + Quicksilver combo is definitely worth a shot.

Naga city-

Try to be close to a level up before you leave the overworld, and choose carefully what you take down with you. Don't waste potions - you'll need them. Convert stuff you won't carry with you, and only buy items you'll really need, though buying items with high CP for conversion can be worth a consideration.
If you find Getindare, take it with you - it's a godsend.
Knockback is also very useful, so prepping Binlor is actually a good idea since he also doubles as a piety farm.

Mystera can be useful for casters, especially the Wizard. A Wizard with refreshment, a lots of potions, and a couple level ups can pretty much fireball his way through, with the exeption of Super Meatmen and the Iron Men ,who will require a couple whacks. Other casters probably want Mystic Balance more.

Use your Gods.You'll get more than enough Gold for a couple desecrations, and Consensus can be used for an instand convert if you don't have enough piety. You can use GG for last heals, or to deal with the Goo Blob, and TT can make your health potions more effective.

Personally, I find you should always take on the toughest boss of a wave first - it's easier to take them on if you have Blackspace to spare, and you should be at your full power anway. You obviously don't want to start fighting Super Meatmen with no Blackspace.
Alchemists pact is incredible good down there, since you should have a good number of potions - but don't forget to take consensus first.
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Re: So..... Vicious Halls of Steel and Naga City...

Postby Sidestepper on Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:57 pm

Easiest way to tackle VHoS

Dwarven Gauntlets (or whatever, but DG are generically good)
Blackmarket (optional, but if you're struggling take every edge you can get)
Taurog (essential)
Compression Seal/Translocation Seal
Extra Shop/Quest/Elite (take Elite if you took Translocation)
Health Potion + Burn Salve + whatever (strength + quicksilver is good)

The only monsters that do physical damage on this dungeon are the Steel Golems and Illusions, and you don't want to fight them under any circumstance. As a Bersker of Taurog, you will have 65% MR almost right out of the gate. Start in on the Indomitable at around level 5 or 6. Push him towards powerful monsters so that you can use him to soften them up. If the corrosion becomes intolerable, use your burn Salve, but be sure to save enough cash to buy a second one from the apothecary. Taurog's Shield is very useful here because corrosion only triggers if the monster actually deals damage to you. Once Indie's damage goes down to 5 or less, he can't use your corrosion stacks against you and you're home free.

After Indie goes down, explore the whole map and try to set up one or more popcorn level ups. You'll want them for Count Blah Blah. Use your piety for strings of Unchained Fury or for a conversion into Dracul or Tikki Tooki if they are on the field.
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Re: So..... Vicious Halls of Steel and Naga City...

Postby The Avatar on Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:00 pm

Frankly, if you can get 3 DR and magic res the Indomitable is a joke. You can practically go Taurog, prep Dragon Shield, and win. Of course you have to do a lot of regen fighting and don't be afraid to cast lupus occasionally. From there you can convert out to Drac (you don't need to but he's best). Get blood shield and sanguine if you go to him. Use the ultimate level 3 witch potion on BlahBlah along with potions to win.
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