Time to reveal my secret strategy.

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Time to reveal my secret strategy.

Postby Waldo0 on Thu Jun 13, 2013 10:35 pm

:) Time to reveal my secret strategy.

It was Human Paladin with High damage-High resist game.

The cores of this strategy are Human+Paladin+Halpmeh+Dragon Shield+Patch.

:( Honestly, I didn't want to reveal this strategy, because my favorite class is the Paladin(the female portrait is too cute <3) and I didn't want that she is nerfed.

Anyway!!! I cleared everything and I said I would reveal it.

I don't explain the specific strategies with each Vicious dungeons, but I'll show you the power of this strategy. ;)

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Re: Time to reveal my secret strategy.

Postby Lujo on Thu Jun 13, 2013 11:00 pm

Ty for sharing it! It's a highly underrated strat (or at least not discussed much). I remember... either blovski or someone else mentioning it in a discussion on paladins quite a while ago, and I've thought about it back when I discovered how crazy Binlor is with the Gorgon. Strangely, the strat was shared - but for some reason very few people went out and tried it. I think everybody was just using Binlor as a maphack tool or a magic res farm or something. Or never talked about him or something.

I can immagine the specifics - using up all the piety before you level so you don't get the hit, getting your phys res high with stoneskins temporarily while your magic resistance gets boosted permanently, and grabing a +40%/+70% damage as long as you can knockback something. I never put it to the test for some reason, and I'm glad it worked out so well!

(Also, doing the same thing for gorgon on a regulat VGT run got me in the habit of thinking about Binlor as overpowered. I don't think there'll be nerfs though)
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Re: Time to reveal my secret strategy.

Postby The Avatar on Thu Jun 13, 2013 11:59 pm

Smart! Nice job and all that, it's very effective. I can't wait to test it extensively.
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Re: Time to reveal my secret strategy.

Postby Bloggorus on Fri Jun 14, 2013 3:28 am

So... simple! All it really takes is some intelligent curse management.

This combo came up in the discussions about VGT, i guess nobody decided it was possible to resits stack in a short regular run. They were were wrong...
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