Full screen graphical bug on mac

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Full screen graphical bug on mac

Postby zeeman on Mon Jun 23, 2014 2:53 am

I'm having an issue loading the game on a retina macbook pro running 10.9.3. The issue is similar, though not quite the same as the issue reported here:
http://steamcommunity.com/app/226620/di ... 164670734/

After playing in full screen, relaunching the game results in an interface that is "zoomed" to the lower left portion of the screen. What I mean is that all elements, including the mouse cursor, are huge; maybe 8x or more larger than they should be. This of course, results in all clickable elements of the interface being off the screen, since only a tiny portion of the game actually fits on screen. Clicking anywhere has no effect (unlike in the bug noted in the link above). The only thing I can do is command-Q to quit. As recommended in the link above, I tried deleting ~/Library/Preferences/unity.QCF Design.DesktopDungeons.plist -- this had zero effect, the game launches as before. I also tried changing the resolution of my display before launching the game, with no effect. Could not change it after launching, as Command-tab and other shortcuts are conveniently disabled while the game is running.
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Re: Full screen graphical bug on mac

Postby dislekcia on Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:30 am

Ok, zooming like that is a completely new bug. I would probably class that with graphics driver problems, but I'm not sure exactly what could be causing it. Especially if you deleted the settings file and the game carried on running in fullscreen mode... The bug you linked on Steam is a graphical display problem and the clickable elements are actually all still in their "normal" positions, they just look like they're not there. If your game is running at the entirely the wrong resolution, that's pretty strange.

Also, we don't do anything to purposefully disable shortcuts in the game at all, they work fine on our test Mac here in the office. Could you make sure your graphics drivers (including your OpenGL version) are up to date and tell me if that makes a difference? Also, any chance you could post that .plist here so that I can see what the game thinks it's supposed to be set to?
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Re: Full screen graphical bug on mac

Postby zeeman on Mon Jun 23, 2014 12:28 pm

Drivers and OS are all up to date. I have never been able to use keyboard shortcuts of any kind while in fullscreen mode, except for Steam-related shortcuts (e.g., Cmd-Shift-3 fails to produce a screenshot, but F12 saves a screenshot in Steam). So maybe that's a Steam problem? I always have had to switch to windowed mode, at which point shortcuts start working normally.

Ok, so after looking at the plist more closely, I did a bit more testing. Can't figure out how to actually attach the file, but here are the relevant keys:

fullscreen: 1
resMultiplier: 0.0
screenmanager is Fullscreen mode: 1
screenmanager resolution height: 1200
screenmanager resolution width: 1980

This made me think I had been running it with my external display previously (which is 1080p; not sure why the height is 1200). I tried messing with various values in the plist - changed both fullscreen keys to 0 (both together and one at a time), and changed the resolution to 1440 by 900 and then 2880 by 1800 (the scaled and raw sizes of the built-in display), all of these produced the exact same behavior. Note that the image I am seeing doesn't look at all like a 1080p-sized image scaled to full screen. It is much too zoomed in, looks more like a really old 800x600 game or something. The game really doesn't seem to be using the plist file at all though. Changing values has no effect, and if I remove it, it does not generate a new one.

The last thing I tried was launching the game while running the external display only (i.e., with the clamshell closed). The good news is that the game launches normally, and I guess that's a big clue as to what's causing the display glitch. So the issue is resolved for now, with the big caveat that if I want to play while away from my display, I guess I'm going to have to remember to plug it in before I leave and switch to windowed mode.
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