Two questions for the devs and tileset suggestions.

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Two questions for the devs and tileset suggestions.

Postby The Avatar on Sat Oct 22, 2011 11:35 pm

1. Are we going to get more northern desert maps or a desert tile set? It just seems kinda empty compared to the rest of the map.

2. Are you going to improve namtar's ward? It just seems like such a lame item reward for the coolest boss ever. Even if you were to remove the hp penalty it would easily be surpassed by CYDSTEPP! I suggest you completely remake it. How about something like it protects you from death but you "decay" when it saves you (-10 base damage -20hp -2 mp, and the hp loss can kill you of course).

As for tilesets you should have here it goes:
Unique tilesets for the viscous dungeons only (City, Library, Demon Lair. Oh yeah and I think you should make the underworld fiery, matter of opinion of course.)
Village (halfling/gnome villages and maybe berserker camp)
Desert (northern desert)

Hate to sound like I don't like the game or I'm being bossy, I think this game is the best game ever!

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