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  • Insane - start with the BLUDTUPOWA glyph
  • Power-hungry - mana potions 100% effective, reduce health by 6 per level
  • Sanguine - restore 15% max health from blood pools

General Strategy

The Blood Mages free glyph isn't as useful as the glyphes from the other classes. If you're low level it will net you one or two extra spells, but the higher your level goes, the less helpful it will get (there is some balance missing there) so you might as well can get rid of it. The way to go with the Bloodmage is to get as many mana potions as possible and leave the blood pools from killed monsters untouched as long as possible. The bosses can be taken on using fireballs, HALPMEH, CYDSTEPP and/or poison (whatever works best) and with the help of bloodpool regeneration. You'll be able to cast a lot due to the mana potions 100% regeneration.

Race & Deity Choices

Gnome or Elf are your ways to go here. As a Gnome you'll have a lot of Mana Potions and therefore a lot of mana. As an elf you'll have more Mana overall but less Potions for regeration (I don't know yet what's more efficient though).

Mystera Annur should be your preferred Deity. If that one's not available you can still go with The Pactmaker, Jehora Jeheyu (if you won't depend on CYDSTEPP) or Tikki Tooki.

Challenge Modes

Snake Pit

Level up by killing Gorgons and go only for Serpents and Nagas if you can kill them without getting weakened or poisoned (except you'll get a level up or use HALPMEH). Try to not use any Mana Potions until you're able to take on the bosses.

If you're around level 7 start attacking Medusa. Immunity to Death Gaze is helpful but not necessary. Just make sure to keep your Health up with bloodpools, potions and level up. Make sure to keep enough potions for the Nidhogg, who can be outlastet afterwards.