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Here are some brief descriptions of the character classes. Follow the links to their individual pages for more in-depth tips and suggested strategies!

There are 18 classes in the game.

Class Special Features Unlock
Basic (Tier 1) Classes
Fighter Can see monsters equal or lower lvl to the player, gains +1xp per monster kill, and survives 1 killing blow for free Available at start.
Thief First attack on all monsters gains +30% dmg, map contains 33% more items, HP and MP pots act as both in one Available at start.
Priest Bonus +2hp per lvl, HP potions heal 100% hp, deals 200% dmg to undead Available at start.
Wizard Can see all glyph locations, -1 MP cost to use glyphs / -25% to own melee dmg, map created with 1 extra glyph, 4 glyph slots} Available at start.
Advanced (Tier 2) Classes
Berserker +30% dmg vs. higher lvl monsters, -50% magic dmg taken, +30% dmg at all times, +2 mp cost to all glyphs Defeat Normal dungeon using Fighter.
Rogue First Strike enabled at all times, 20% base dodge rate, +50% dmg at all times, -5 hp per lvl up Defeat Normal dungeon using Thief.
Monk Melee dmg done -50%, magic and physical dmg taken -50%, HP regen from exploration doubled Defeat Normal dungeon using Monk.
Sorcerer Heals 2 HP per 1 MP spent, begins with +5 MP, does 1 magic dmg to monster per character lvl when hit Defeat Normal dungeon using Wizard.
Expert (Tier 3) Classes
Warlord Begins with CYDSTEPP (cheat death) glyph, +30% dmg when hp below 50%, drinking MP pot gives +30% dmg on next hit Defeat Normal dungeon using Bezerker.
Assassin Begins with APHEELSIK (poison) glyph, exploring all squares around monsters enables First Strike, 1 hit KO on all lower lvl monsters Defeat Normal dungeon using Rogue.
Paladin Begins with HALPMEH (heal) glyph, killing undead restores 50% HP, -25% phys dmg taken Defeat Normal dungeon using Monk.
Blood Mage Begins with BLUDTUPOWA (hp->mp) glyph, MP pots give 100% refill (but cost 6hp per lvl), heal 15% hp from blood pools Defeat Normal dungeon using Sorcerer.
Special Classes
Transmuter Begins with ENDISWAL (break wall) glyph, gains 2 HP for wall destruction, ENDISWAL costs 1 MP, no HP regen  ??
Crusader Monster kills give 10% dmg bonus on next hit (can chain up to 100%), immune to Poison and Mana Burn, deals 300% atk dmg to monster that kills you  ??
Tinker Map created with 6 extra shops, 20% item discount, gold for monster kills  ??
Gorgon special race  ??
Half Dragon special race  ??
Vampire special race  ??