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Image Glyph Cost (Mana) Effect
APHEELSIK (Poison) 5 Inflicts the poison status on a monster, preventing it from regenerating health as you explore. Will wear off when you attack a monster that isn't poisoned. Undead are immune.
BLUDTUPOWA (Blood Magic) 0 Lose 2 points of health per player level. Gain 1 point (total, NOT per level) of mana.
BURNDAYRAZ (Fireball) 6 Hits a monster with a fireball, causing 4 point of damage per player level.
BYSSEPS (Power Strike) 2 Player gets +30% damage bonus for next physical attack only.
CYDSTEPP (Protection from Death) 10 The player will be protected from the next fatal attack and will be reduced to 1 point of health instead of dying.
ENDISWAL (Passwall) 8 Destroys a section of wall.
GETINDARE (First Strike) 3 Player gets first strike status for next physical attack only.
HALPMEH (Heal) 3 Restores 3 points of health per player level and cures poison status.
IMAWAL (Flesh to Stone) 5 Transforms a monster into a section of wall. Does not count as a kill for purposes of gaining experience, triggering rewards/punishments from gods, etc.
LEMMISI (Clairvoyance) 3 Fully reveals 3 random unexplored tiles. If your mana reserves don't go down after casting, it is NOT a bug. Think about it.
PISORF (Teleport Monster) 10 Teleports a monster to a random empty tile.
WEYTWUT (Teleport Self) 6 Teleports the player to a random empty tile.
WONAFYT (Summon Monster) 6 Teleports a random monster of the player's level to a random empty tile next to the player. Fails if no such monster or tile exists.