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For the player race, see Races.

The goblin is one of the monsters that roams the Desktop Dungeons. It is one of the four default monsters available at the start, and will always strike first in a fight. The boss version of the goblin is Lord Gobb.


  • Health: 100%
  • Damage: 120%
  • First strike


Goblins are surprisingly dangerous for players new to the game. Their ability to strike first, combined with their decent damage, means that low defense characters, particularly rogues, will find them difficult prey. However, they have no special traits aside from this, so if you can survive their attacks, they're not too tough to battle.

Boss info

Lord Gobb, in addition to the high attack power and first strikes usually attributed to goblins, comes packing slight amounts of both physical and magic resistance (20% each). As such, if you want to take him down, your best bet is to try to weaken him as much as possible before getting into a fight. The magic resistance, while annoying, won't really prevent APHEELSIK from taking root. Since he strikes first, you can't rely on GETINDARE or other methods of first strike against him, although you can survive his attacks using CYDSTEPP as usual.