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|Restores 10 health whenever an undead creature is destroyed
|Restores 10 health whenever an undead creature is destroyed
|Fine Sword
|Flaming sword
|Attack damage counts as magical
|Fine sword
|Increases base damage by 5
|Increases base damage by 5

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Items can be purchased from stores that are placed randomly in the dungeon. For every 3 classes that complete the Factory Challenge, an extra shop will appear in future dungeons. For every class that completes the Library Challenge, shops will start selling items from a larger pool.

Name Cost (gold)* Effect
Agnostics Collar 100 Allows you to safely renounce your current deity
Blue bead 18 Offers extra +1 mana after every kill
Fire heart 38 Restores 10 health whenever an undead creature is destroyed
Flaming sword 35 Attack damage counts as magical
Fine sword 25 Increases base damage by 5
Focus 15 Increases glyph slot count to 4
Health Potion 12 1 health potion
Keg o' Health 55 3 health potions
Keg o' Mana 55 3 mana potions
Mage Helm 32 Provides +10% Magical resistance
Mana Potion 12 1 mana potion
Pendant of Health 25 Adds 10 to maximum health
Pendant of Mana 20 Adds 2 to maximum mana
Platemail 50 Adds 20% physical resistance
Scouting Orb 21 Increases your sight radius. (Tiles 2 away from you are semivisible)
Sign of the spirits 50 Instantly restores mana to maximum
Soul orb 30 Grants immunity to mana burn
Stone heart 31 Restores 2 health whenever a wall is destroyed
Stone of seekers 26 Reveal the location of all monsters.
Stone sigil 45 Grants immunity to death gaze
Spoon 1 Increases base damage by 1
Talisman of Rebirth 52 Instantly restores health to maximum
Tower Shield 35 Grants 10% physical resistance
Troll heart 10 Adds 1 extra health every time you gain a level
Venom Blade 55 Regular attacks do poison damage
Viper Ward 25 Grants immunity to poison
Zombie Dog 1 Provides protection from death
  • Tinkers get a 20% discount on store prices, rounded up.