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Items can be purchased from stores that are placed randomly in the dungeon. For every 3 classes that complete the Factory Challenge, an extra shop will appear in future dungeons. For every class that completes the Library Challenge, shops will start selling items from a larger pool.

Name Cost (gold)* Effect
Agnostics Collar 100 Allows you to safely renounce your current deity
Badge of Courage 20 Provides protection from death
Blue bead 22 Offers extra +1 mana after every kill
Fire heart 38 Restores 10 health whenever an undead creature is destroyed
Fine sword 25 Increases base damage by 5
Flaming sword 35 Attack damage counts as magical damage.
Focus 15 Increases glyph slot count to 4
Health Potion 12 1 health potion
Keg o' Health 55 3 health potions
Keg o' Mana 55 3 mana potions
Mage Helm 32 Grants +10% Magical resistance
Mage Plate 35 Grants +20% Magical resistance
Mana Potion 12 1 mana potion
Pendant of Health 25 Adds 10 to maximum health
Pendant of Mana 20 Adds 2 to maximum mana
Platemail 50 Adds 20% physical resistance
Scouting Orb 21 Increases your sight radius. (Tiles 2 away from you are semivisible)
Sign of the spirits 62 Instantly restores mana to maximum
Soul orb 30 Grants immunity to mana burn
Stone heart 31 Restores 2 health whenever a wall is destroyed
Stone of seekers 26 Reveal the location of all monsters.
Stone sigil 45 Grants immunity to death gaze
Spoon 1 Increases base damage by 1
Talisman of Rebirth 52 Instantly restores health to maximum
Tower Shield 35 Grants 10% physical resistance
Troll heart 10 Adds 1 extra health every time you gain a level
Venom Blade 55 Regular attacks do poison damage
Viper Ward 25 Grants immunity to poison
Zombie Dog 1 Provides protection from death
  • Tinkers get a 20% discount on store prices, rounded up.