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Jehora Jeheyu, God of Chaos, is one of the gods available for worshipping in Desktop Dungeon. Jehora Jeheyu may be worshipped by locating his altar in a dungeon (if it appears).

Initial Worship

If an altar of Jehora Jeheyu is found in the dungeon, and the hero is not yet worshipping any other god, it is possible to pray to Jehora.

Immediate effect

  • The hero loses all of the following abilities: Poison Immunity, Mana Burn Immunity, Death Gaze Immunity, Protection from Death, First Strike, Dodge.
    • The source providing these effects is irrelevant - whether granted by items, other gods, or the use of Glyphs.
    • Note that the glyphs providing First Strike and Protection from Death remain usable, but incur a Piety penalty if used again (see below).
    • Research info required: Is it possible to gain the other abilities while Jehora Jeheyu is still worshipped? For instance, by buying items that provide them AFTER joining his religion?
  • The hero is awarded a random number of Piety Points, anywhere between 1 and 25.
    • The number of points awarded upon joining is completely random and there is no way to affect it.


Followers of Jehora Jeheyu cannot convert their religion to any other god. Followers of other gods cannot convert their religion to Jehora Jeheyu.

The only method to switch to or from Jehora Jeheyu is to first renounce your religion by help of an item.


Jehora Jeheyu is the god of Chaos. He enjoys meaningless destruction, bloody battles, and random effects. Jehora frowns upon fancy swordplay.

The following actions will only change your Piety while worshipping Jehora Jeheyu. If you have not yet renounced your religion, you may perform these actions without triggering the listed effects.

Gaining Piety

Jehora Jeheyu will increase your Piety for performing the following actions:

  • Destroy a wall using the ENDISWAL glyph: +1 Piety.
    • Jehora Jeheyu will reward you with one piety point for every tile of wall destroyed with the ENDISWAL glyph.
    • You can also destroy walls by pushing enemies into them, by performing a Melee attack on a monster while your hero has the Knockback ability (see Half-dragon. Items may also grant you knockback).
  • Receive ??? damage from a monster: +4 Piety.
    • This effect is triggered when your hero is damaged in Melee combat. The exact amount of damage required to trigger the effect is currently unknown, and may depend on the character's level and possibly other factor as well. It may also be randomally decided (in accordance with Jehora Jeheyu's affinity for chaos).
  • Inflict ??? damage on a monster: +4 Piety.
    • This effect is triggered when your hero inflict damage on a monster be it trough attack or BURNDAYRAZ. The exact amount of damage required to trigger the effect is currently unknown, and may depend on the character's level, the monster's level, and possibly other factors as well. It may also be randomally decided (in accordance with Jehora Jeheyu's affinity for chaos).
  • Use the PISORF glyph on a monster: +1 Piety.
    • Jehora Jeheyu will award you one Piety point for using the PISORF glyph to teleport a monster to a random location in the dungeon. It is awarded for each use of the glyph, even if the monster randomly teleports to the same tile it already occupies.
  • Use the WEYTWUT Glyph: +4 Piety.
    • Jehora Jeheya will award you four Piety points for each use of the WEYTWUT Glyph. The destination of your teleport is irrelevant, you will be awarded points simply for using this glyph.

Losing Piety

Jehora Jeheyu will decrease your Piety for performing the following actions:

  • For each use of the CYDSTEPP Glyph: -10 Piety.
    • Activating the CYDSTEPP glyph, whether or not you already have Death Protection applied, will cause a 10 point Piety loss from Jehora Jeheyu. Note that you can still use the Glyph, and still gain the ability it bestows whenever used (Death Protection).
  • For each use of the GETINDARE Glyph: -10 Piety.
    • Activating the GETINDARE Glyph, whether or not you already have First Strike applied, will cause a 10 point Piety loss from Jehora Jeheyu. Note that you can still use the Glyph, and still gain the ability is bestows whenever used (First Strike).


If any travesty is performed that would reduce your piety below 0 points (see above), Jehora Jeheyu will inflict a curse upon you: Whenever you cause damage to a monster, your Maximum Health will be reduced by a certain amount.

Research info required: Does this apply only to damage dealt in Melee combat? What about BURNDAYRAZ? This this effect depend on the amount of damage dealt, or is it per-hit? Does it depend on the character's level?


Jehora Jeheyu has 5 boons to offer to his worshipers at the cost of Piety.


  • Randomly choose one of the following effects: Restore Health and Mana to Maximum / instant death.
  • Costs ALL Piety you currently have.
    • Upon acquiring this boon, Jehora Jeheyu will either restore your Health and Mana to its Maximum capacity, or he will kill you outright. If death is chosen, it is immediate and cannot be avoided through the Protection from Death ability.
    • This boon has a chance for healing as opposed to death, roughly equal to the piety spent on the boon (all of your current piety, in other words). Therefore, if you have 60 piety when taking the boon, you have a 60% chance for a full heal, and a 40% chance for instant death.
    • Research info required: Confirm the probability mechanism.


  • Increases Attack Strength by +5 points.
  • Costs 25 Piety.
    • Upon acquiring this boon, the character's Attack Strength increases by 5 points. This increases the damage done by Melee attacks, and does not affect BURNDAYRAZ.
    • Research info required: Does this effect chance the Base Attack Strength, or is it always 5 extra points of damage regardless of player level and/or Attack Bonuses?


  • Increases Maximum Health by 15 points.
  • Costs 15 Piety and a Health Potion.
    • Upon acquiring this boon, the hero's Maximum Health is increased by 15 points. Those 15 new points are not automatically filled up, and must be healed by the normal means.
    • The hero loses one Health Potion from those already carried.
    • If the hero does not have any Health Potions, it is impossible to acquire this boon.


  • Gain Mana Shield ability.
  • Costs 30 Piety.
    • Upon acquiring this boon, the hero receives the Mana Shield ability. While this ability is in effect, any monster that strikes you in Melee combat will receive an extra 1 point of damage for every level you have. This damage is applied AFTER the monster strikes you, so you must first survive its attack to inflict this extra damage.
    • This is the same ability that Sorcerers have by default. If your hero is a Sorcerer, this boon has no effect.


  • Each monster in the dungeon will transform into a new random type of monster of the same level.
  • Costs 50 Piety.
    • Upon acquiring this boon, each and every monster in the dungeon will select a new monster type at random and transform into that type. Monsters will keep the same level they had before the transformation.
    • This boon affects Bosses just the same as any other monster.
    • In a normal dungeon, Bosses have been known to occasionally transform into the bosses from the Campaign dungeon - something which is not otherwise possible.
    • In a Challenge dungeon, monsters may transform into any other type of monster, not just the ones available in the specific type of challenge dungeon you're playing. This includes bosses from the Campaign dungeons.
    • Monsters don't have to be unlocked for them to be transformed into. (Ex: Golem is locked but a monster transforms into it)
    • Research info required: Is transformation into Campaign Bosses possible before unlocking the Campaign dungeons?


Despite the disapproval of defensive glyphs, Jehora is actually a fairly solid contender for defensive-oriented classes. The real gem of his abilities is Retribution, which lets each blow you take work in your favor. For characters who plan on taking lots of hits head-on, like monks, paladins or berserkers, this can carry its weight significantly. Madness helps to shore up the lower damage of monks or amp up the existing damage of berserkers, and Bolstering will let you take more hits (and thus award more piety) in exchange for healing fewer hits later. Due to Bolstering's low piety cost, people hoping to obtain lots of piety under Jehora should consider it first.

Jehora's two defining abilities, however, are Chaos and Polymorph. The former is the ultimate gamble, and if your piety is significantly high (for example, above 50) it may save an otherwise unwinnable game. Do not take Chaos, however, if you're unprepared for the consequences of failure. As for Polymorph, this ability can change an impossible boss (tower of goo versus a monk, for example) into an easy one. This ability alone makes Jehora a decent option for nearly every side dungeon, where the chief difficulty comes from the monster selection. However, Jehora's cost for joining is very expensive for glass cannon roles that avoid death through trickery, such as rogues and warlords.

Specific Races

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