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|Animated Armour
|Animated Armour
|Death protection (1 point per level)
|Death protection (1 point per level)

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Image Name Abilities Boss Notes
Animated Armour Death protection (1 point per level)
Bandit Poison attack, Mana burn
Dragonspawn Matron of Flame
Goat Magical resist 25%
Goblin First srike Lord Gobb
Goo blob Physical resist 50% Tower of Goo
Golem Magic resist 50% Iron Man
Gorgon First strike, Death gaze (Player health lower than 50%) Medusa Unlocked by completing Thief
Meat man Super Meat Man
Serpent Poison attack Nidhogg Unlocked by completing Priest
Vampire Life steal (top 40% of hero health)
Warlock Magical attack Aequitas
Wraith Undead, Magical attack, Mana burn, Physical resist 30% Tormented One Unlocked by completing Fighter
Zombie Undead Frank the Zombie