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A fresh start win video. This player has nothing unlocked and wins a regular game as a Human Fighter. Unfortunately it doesn't feature any commentary and may be hard to follow for a new player, but the basic rules to winning are:

Basic Hints

  1. Always fight the highest level monster you can defeat without consuming all your potions (this requires doing some quick math to determine how many potions, fireballs, or other spells will be necessary before you engage and realize you're in over your head)
  2. Use your level ups for all they are worth, they cure bad status and return you to full HP / MP, so don't be afraid of being poisoned / manaburned by a monster you'll level up after killing
  3. Lose gracefully :) sometimes the random number generator creates an impossible situation such as a room with all exits blocked by level 3 and higher monsters and no means of defeating any of them. Retire and try again!
    1. When you realize you can't possibly beat the boss, make sure to grab the loot before you retire. Gold carries over between games, so you can at least finance the next expedition.
  4. The second "win" always seems the hardest. You'll have just unlocked the first special monster, and will likely have trouble adapting to the new enemy's ability (poison, manaburn etc.) Just remember that the game (at the moment) is designed to ease you into the more complex mechanics.