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Regular Races

There are seven regular races, each of which can convert glyphs (magic spells/skills) into a different permanent bonus.

Race Converts glyphs to... Unlock Strategy
Human 10% bonus to attack Start Great for beginners and Rogues/Berserkers
Elf +2 maximum mana Start Amazing Wizards.
Dwarf Increased maximum hit points. (1 per level?) Start
Hafling 1 healing potion Start Great for many challenge missions.
Gnome 1 mana potion Start
Goblin 10 gold Defeat the Crypt challenge with any race. Natural fit for tinkers. Goblin Wizards are useful for farming gold.
Orc 5 experience Defeat the Library challenge with any race.

Special races

In addition, 3 special races exist as unlockables, that are a both a race and class together. Each of these three cause significant changes to the core mechanics of the game.


Low damage, high physical damage resistance, free break wall glyph. Glyphs turn into a bonus percentage at which point you will petrify an enemy. Note that you do not have first-strike like monster gorgons do.

Half Dragon

High Health, magic damage, longer sight range, bonus damage in the form of a knockback attack. Enemies hit into walls/other enemies take bonus damage, depending on how many glyphs you've consumed. Can not use fireball glyphs at all.


Rogue's bigger, meaner brother/sister. 20% life steal, raised each time a glyph is consumed. Does not regenerate health, except by level up/hitting monsters. First Strike. Loses life each time a new map square is revealed. Hard to start, but past level 3, becomes a steamroller.