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Bonus Point Awareds

NOTE: Based on notes taken while playing version 0.4

Bonus Points Description
UNSTOPPABLE 2000 All monsters of level 8 or higher killed without petrification
BRICK EM 1000 Boss was petrified
PARCHED 1000 Never use a health potion
TANK 1000 Never dropped below 20% of max health
COCKY 1000 Killed boss before you reached level 8
EXPLORER 800 95% or more of the dungeon squares were explored
LEMMISI 750 Performed the "Lemmisi Trick" 5 times or more
BLOODTHIRSTY 750 Summoned at least 5 monsters
WALL ENTHUSIAST 750 Petrified at least 5 monsters
TOOTH AND NAIL 500 Got down to only 1 health at some point
OFF THE SAUCE 500 Never used a mana potion
SPELLCASTER 500 Used at least 4 glyphs
PICK A FIGHT 200 Summoned at least 1 monster
STONED 200 Petrified at least 1 monster
HANDY 200 Used LEMMISI spell at least once