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Scoring Categories

Category Description Points
Completion Time Based on real-world time elapsed. Faster is better. TO DO - what is the formula?
Damage Dealt For every point of damage dealt to a monster. TO DO - how many per point?
Boss Killed For killing the boss. Doesn't count if you petrified him. 3500 points
Exploration For each dungeon square uncovered 40 points per square
Monsters Petrified For each monster petrified 250 points per monster
Character Level Based on the final level of your hero 500 points per level

Bonus Point Awards

NOTE: Based on notes taken while playing version 0.4

Bonus Points Description
UNSTOPPABLE 2000 All monsters of level 8 or higher killed without petrification
BRICK EM 1000 Boss was petrified
PARCHED 1000 Never use a health potion
TANK 1000 Never dropped below 20% of max health
COCKY 1000 Killed boss before you reached level 8
EXPLORER 800 95% or more of the dungeon squares were explored
LEMMISI 750 Performed the "Lemmisi Trick" 5 times or more
BLOODTHIRSTY 750 Summoned at least 5 monsters
WALL ENTHUSIAST 750 Petrified at least 5 monsters
TOOTH AND NAIL 500 Got down to only 1 health at some point
OFF THE SAUCE 500 Never used a mana potion
SPELLCASTER 500 Used at least 4 glyphs
PICK A FIGHT 200 Summoned at least 1 monster
STONED 200 Petrified at least 1 monster
HANDY 200 Used LEMMISI spell at least once