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The serpent is one of the monsters that roams the Desktop Dungeons. It is unlocked by clearing the game as a Priest, and can poison its enemies, preventing regeneration. The boss version of the serpent is Nidhogg, a misguided reference to Norse mythology. Serpents are also found in the Snake Pit side dungeon.


  • Health: 100%
  • Damage: 100%
  • Poisons you


Serpents have only average statistics, and poison is healed upon gaining a level, making serpents a great target for lower-level players. However, serpents of equal level should be avoided unless you have the HALPMEH glyph to cure the poison from the fight. If you can't avoid being poisoned, you can use a health potion to cure the poison, or attempt to gain a level. If a class does not regenerate health normally, they can freely attack serpents without worry.

Boss info

Nidhogg doesn't have any remarkable traits to set him aside from the other bosses, and unless using APHEELSIK, the poison won't matter too much in the long run, so Nidhogg is one of the few bosses it's fairly safe to go toe-to-toe with. It's still as strong as your usual boss, so if you need to weaken it first, by all means do so, but don't bother attacking Nidhogg at melee until you're confident you can win without needing to regenerate.