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First Strike Finisher

First strike will often allow you to kill a monster you couldn't otherwise beat. Cast it just before the final blow, and the monster gets no retaliation hit.

Fireball Softener

Hitting a monster with fireball before combat will often reduce the number of hits it takes to kill it. Can be used with first strike to take on otherwise dangerous foes without taking any damage.

Level-up Steamroll

With very few experience needed to gain the next level, you can fight a tough monster, and then when you can't fight any more, kill a low-level monster in order to level up. This will restore your health and mana without healing the tough monster. You can then go back to killing the tougher monster with full strength. It is possible to level up more than once during a single fight. This usually requires the player utilizing the "Experience Catapult" strategy first (see below) so that he has a lot of low-level monsters to kill. Nonetheless, keeping track of how many experience you can get from the available monsters is always a wise thing to do.

Battle of Attrition

If you have enough attack to do more damage in one hit than your enemy is able to regenerate in the time it takes you to regenerate the damage that he does with a single hit, you can heal between attacks and still be able to have a net effect of his health decreasing.

  • Even if you heal slower than the enemy does, sometimes exploring one or a few blocks mid-battle can regenerate your HP/MP for additional hit/spell so that you can deal enough damage to kill the enemy.

Slow Poison

Casting poison on a single enemy and then alternating between attacking it and exploring (or using the LEMMISI glyph) allows you to take on enemies that would otherwise outlast you in a fight. If attacking with magic you can use this technique to beat a foe that would otherwise kill you with one hit.

  • This technique relies on either of two abilities. You can last as long as you can survive a single hit, so if your HP or resistance are as high as possible, you will be able to outlast harder hits.

Death of a Dozen Flames

Once a monster is poisoned, it can be killed by repeated BURNDAYRAZ castings, punctuated by exploring to regain mana.

Persistent Martyr

The CYDSTEPP glyph, used along with poisoning the monster, allows a technique where the hero takes what would be a fatal blow from attacking the monster, but is protected by CYDSTEPP. As such, it does not matter how hard the enemy hits. To repeat the process, the player will have to recover enough mana to re-cast CYDSTEPP between each attack.

Experience Catapult

Depending upon the hero's class and which glyphs and items are available, there are different ways that a low-level character might be able to take out a quite high level character. When such an opportunity arises, it is beneficial to follow through when your hero is at the lowest possible level. The experience formula greatly rewards going after creatures above your level.

  • For example, a level 1 hero killing a level 9 monster gets 81 experience, and will suddenly catapult to level 6.
  • A level 2 hero killing the same level 9 monster gets "only" 65 experience, and will wind up at level 5.

Apprentice Sorcerer Mana Pump

A first-level sorcerer with sufficient health and the BLUDTUPOWA spell is able to generate an infinite loop of transferring health to mana, casting a spell, and thereby gaining enough health to bring him back to where he was. This can be combined with other methods to take down high level monsters.