Annotated Playthrough Vicious Halls of Steel

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In Progress

0. Demonic library, blah blah intro stuff. Really easy with berserker. Use god and class for defines, items and race for offense.

1. Preps, all damage based

Joist VHoS 01.png

2. Game plan: Convert every glyph, drink every mana potion, buy every taurog item.

I see a glyph but I will wait until I'm worshipping Taurog to convert it, then I'll get 10 piety.

3. Worship him!

4. Oh another glyph, I'll convert that too and use the piety to get Taurog's sword.

5. Pretty nice at level 1.

6. I can kill that level 2 Warlock, so I do.

7. Another glyph, convert it.

9. I have enough piety to get Taurog's Helm. A really great item since the resist stacks with Berserkers natural resist.

10. Pop into Smuggler's Den to get the boosters

12. Drink my Reflex and Strength potions and take out the level 4 Warlock.

13. Another glyph, convert it.

15. Regen fighting animated armours is pretty easy, just hit them enough to knock off one of their death protections and then heal yourself to full health with dark tiles. With every death protection removed their attacks do less and less damage.

16. Take out a Wraith

17. Explored a lot looking for a good next target but I didn't find one, found a glyph though (convert it).

18. Killed a level 6 Wraith.

20. Found The Indomintable. He doesn't really do much damage and with our resists it's way lower. We can start fighting him at level 6.

21. Oops, piety built up without me grabbing the shield for a flat -5 damage.

25. Killed some low level mobs to hit level 5. Killing this level 9 Wraith and I'm using a health potion to do so. It'll be worth it because it leaves a LOT of dark tiles to regen fight The Indom.

26. This is what we want to see. You can take 3 hits and he can take 2 hits. You can start chipping away at his death protection.

27. He gets weaker very quickly.

28. Very quickly indeed.

29. Ah, now once you remove enough death protections he does 3 damage and your shield grants 5 damage reduction. You take NO DAMAGE from him, so just hack away until he's dead.

30. Gold reward.

31. May as well grab the chestplate, not for the physical resist itself but owning all of Taurog's items lets us buy dead protections from Taurog for piety.

32. Cleaned up some popcorn, bought a death protection, hit piety cap. Most of the mobs level are physical damage which is unlucky. Really we want plenty of magic damage mobs because of our huge magic resist.

33. Grab a Fortitude Tonic to get rid of my weakening.

34. Check out the subdungeon. It's Goat Piety so I just leave.

36. Used WHUPAZ on Count BlahBlah and hit him until my death protection broke.

38. Used another death protection then killed some popcorn for a level up.

39. Down he goes, too easy.

40. Win.