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|ShortDesc=3 health per level
*Uncovers 3 random dungeon tiles without regenerating monsters.
*Uncovers 3 random dungeon tiles without regenerating monsters.

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This page is about the Full/Beta Version of the game, if you are looking for the Alpha/Free Version, see Alpha:BLUDTUPOWA
 Mana Points 0 3 health per level
  • Uncovers 3 random dungeon tiles without regenerating monsters.
  • Lose 3 health per level, but gain 1 mana per revealed tile (minimum +1)
Hotkey U

BLUDTOPOWA is a rather unique glyph, as it is the only glyph in the game with no manacosts. Instead, it replenishes the players mana at the expense of his health and blackspace. This makes it naturally a good fit for dedicated spellcasters, but a rather poor find for hybrid or physical-oriented builds.

Unlocking the glyph

BlUDTUPOWA is unlocked along with the Human Bloodmage.png Bloodmage.


BLUDTOPOWA is a very handy glyph for any character based around spellcasting. Dedicated spellcasters usually focus on increasing their mana or glyph effectiveness, so they often neglect their attack damage. This usually results in rather ineffective strikes. BLUDTOPOWA allows them to use their health more efficiently. Naturally, BLUDTOPOWA won't work with hybrid-builds. Taking damage means you'll have less health to use for BLUDTOPOWA and vice-versa, so the two concepts are mutually exclusive.

As expected, the Human Bloodmage.png Bloodmage excells at using his signature glyph. Their sanguine trait allows them to use the glyph more often than other classes during combat, especially if they have quaffed a manapotion or two. A well built bloodmage can release an amazing amount of fireballs before going out of breath and is often able to kill monsters with magic alone. They also have to rely on it to compensate for their low maximum mana.

The Human Assassin.png Assassin is another class that can get much mileage out of this glyph, especially if he is played as an elf. Since they start with both APHEELSIK.png APHEELSIK and BURNDAYRAZ.png BURNDAYRAZ, they can easily have one of the most potent glyph combinations in the game if they happen to find BLUDTOPOWA. The player simply poisons a monster and uses BLUDTOPOWA to fuel BURNDAYRAZ. Once health and mana are depleted, the player simply explores until he has to recast APHEELSIK again - at which point he simply repeats the cycle. This combo allows to continously damage an enemy without him retaliating or regenerating, so it can bring down even enemys of a high level.

A rather unexpected class that benefits from the glyph is the Human Monk.png Monk. Monks deal very low damage, and BURNDAYRAZ is a feasible way to bypass that restriction. His fast health regeneration in combination with burning allows him to effectively regenfight their enemys via magic, ignoring any physical resistances.

BLUDTOPOWA loses much of its strength once the endgame is reached. If there is no longer any black space availabe, the glyph will only replenish 1 mana, but still cost health. Unless the player is very desperate to squeeze out a few manapoints , it's better to convert the glyph.


  • The Sorcerer is allergic to this glyph - he needs more health than every other class to use it, due to his class traits.
  • BLOODTUPOWA always reveals tiles close to the player. This can be exploited by assasins who need to get their first strike, Bloodmages who want to avoid stepping on their Bloodpools, or to simply check what lies behind a wall.
  • Glowing Guardian Icon.png Glowing_Guardian punishes the player for using this glyph, but grants extra-piety for converting it.
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