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Anyone want to start putting up some information about the beta somewhere?

Some great info would be on:
  • How to unlock new classes (are the 6 special classes playable in beta?!?).
  • Strategies for beating "Hard" dungeons.
Strategies for beating the new boss monsters like:
  • Herr, Derr, and Herp the Foreman. (Magma Mines) Opposite immunities and 3 bosses instead of 2 or 1.
  • Ssseth the naga. (Ick Swamp) Crazy high health and weakens.
  • The Stone and Earth Guardians. (Rock Garden) Opposite immunities.
  • Anoobis. (Creeplight Ruins) Reviving minions.
  • Stheno. (Hexx Ruins) Prevents mid-fight levelups against boss.
  • Tower of Goo and the Super Meat Man. (The Slime Pit) Minions reduce immunities, cause corrosion, and either have high health or physical resistance.
  • Getanadafix. (Druid Grove)
What the heck should I spend all my money on since I can't seem to upgrade anything else?
Is the sword that stacks base damage on level up better than the sword that adds 1% bonus damage per kill?
What reward is there for killing Yin and Yang?
What is in all the different subdungeons?
And lemme know what you post? Cuz I'm progressing pretty damn slowly through these dungeons labeled "Hard". It's Taking me tons of playthroughs to beat them. ---- Wojo 06:35, 15 October 2011 (UTC)