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Archive 1

Suggestions about this wiki

Suggestions for the game interface

  • Make a tile selection overlay, so we can avoid misclicking a tile.
  • Remove the "death/safe/victory" system. It gets too easy when you can just rely on that.
  • Add a way of turning off the custom cursor, which causes lag on some slower computers.

Suggestions for the Gods system

  • Taurog followers get 50% HP restoration from any potion and no mana restoration.
  • New boon for Glowing Guardian: +25% damage to undead.
  • Increase initial piety when joining Mystera Annur.
  • New boon for Earthmother: double HP regeneration.
  • Give -5 max HP for joining to Dracul, but don’t increase hero level.
  • Reduce piety gain for teleporting glyph when worshipping Tikki Tooki.
  • a stupid one, but maybe host a contest and the winner is made a god in DD, with stats s/he decides.
  • Taurog should not ban the usage of WONAFYT.

Suggestions for the Scoring system

  • Make score not dependent on time.

Suggestions for the glyph system

  • Reduce ENDISWAL mana cost by 1-4 points.
  • Reduce CYDSTEPP mana cost by 1-2 points.
  • Reduce PISORF mana cost by 2-5 points.
  • Make IMAWAL spawn only if there's a Earthmother altar around.
  • Add a glyph that allows you to Scry a part of the dungeon without actually exploring it. You could make it random, but instead of random spots, it reveals a 3x3 or 4x4 somewhere around the map each use.

General suggestions

  • Remove the gold keep between levels. As it is pointless since one can farm gold with some good characters.
  • Starting gold could be set to 50 Gold, and gold piles could give more gold (5 + lvl/2).
  • Online play would be neato. Maybe Co-Op and Versus.
  • Settings or configuration of some sort, perhaps with options similar to other roguelikes, would be a good idea.
  • Once again, carry-over gold is a pretty ineffective part of the game right now. I would suggest removing it, increase the amount of gold per pickup during dungeons, and add a carry-over stat for minimum gold and have it increase via special dungeon wins the same way maximum gold does now. Right now, gold pick ups don't matter much mid-dungeon, even if you waste quite a few, but you still want the maximum gold value to matter.

Suggestions for Objects / Shops

  • Make health potions and vampiric items cheaper in shops.
  • Add the number of health/mana restored by the potion to it's tooltip. (SECONDED)

Suggestions for the Classes/Races

  • Number of gold gained by Tinker for killing monsters depends on monster’s level (divided by 2, rounded up).
  • Halfling and gnome have not bonus in potion count, but bonus in potions effectiveness.(about 60% instead of 40%)
  • Mana potions restore some (20-30%) health for berserkers.
  • Add a race that converts glyphs to piety.


  • Increase goblin gold when converting glyphs to something like 4+level.
  • Do not consume blood when a blood mage with full health steps on it.
  • Add something akin to an amazon race, so that some female characters get thrown into the mix before someone inevitably asks for a female portrait of every character in the game come retail launch.
  • Priest starts with either all altars on map, or choice of god from the get-go.

Still uncategorized

  • Make a mode with several dungeon levels (except campaign) like in classic roguelike games.
  • Give some gold for boss slaying.
  • Make monster stats specific; a bit various for every monster. For example, a monster of type x of level y can have random HP value from 50 to 65 and random attack from 20 to 25. It will make game a bit more unpredictable and interesting.
  • Linux support.