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Archive 1

Suggestions about this wiki

Suggestions for the game interface

  • Make a tile selection overlay, so we can avoid misclicking a tile.
  • Remove the "death/safe/victory" system. It gets too easy when you can just rely on that.(Disagree)
  • Add a way of turning off the custom cursor, which causes lag on some slower computers.(Seconded)
  • As mentioned before, add diagonal movement for arrow keys. Right now it is possible, but not optimal to use the keys because you have to use the mouse to access certain places.
  • Hotkeys: P for Pray/Pick Up/Purchase, numbers to choose between worship options, Space exits the Game Over screen.
  • Delayed keypress to allow for diagonal movement without numerical keyboard.(Yes,yes,yes!)

Suggestions for the Gods system

  • Taurog followers get 50% HP restoration from any potion and no mana restoration.
  • New boon for Glowing Guardian: +25% damage to undead.
  • Increase initial piety when joining Mystera Annur.
  • New boon for Earthmother: double HP regeneration.
  • Give -5 max HP for joining to Dracul, but don’t increase hero level.
  • Reduce piety gain for teleporting glyph when worshipping Tikki Tooki.
  • a stupid one, but maybe host a contest and the winner is made a god in DD, with stats s/he decides.
  • Taurog should not ban the usage of WONAFYT. (Seconded)

Suggestions for the Scoring system

  • Make score not dependent on time.
  • For ranked matches, have it throw out any run over 15 minutes. These runs will never score high up anyway, and it makes fixing the current scoring measure unneccessary.

Suggestions for the glyph system

  • Reduce ENDISWAL mana cost by 1-4 points.
  • Reduce CYDSTEPP mana cost by 1-2 points.
  • Reduce PISORF mana cost by 2-5 points.
  • Make IMAWAL spawn only if there's a Earthmother altar around.
  • Add a glyph that allows you to Scry a part of the dungeon without actually exploring it. You could make it random, but instead of random spots, it reveals a 3x3 or 4x4 somewhere around the map each use.

General suggestions

  • Remove the gold keep between levels. As it is pointless since one can farm gold with some good characters.
  • Starting gold could be set to 50 Gold, and gold piles could give more gold (5 + lvl/2).
  • Online play would be neato. Maybe Co-Op and Versus. (Disagree, I don't think that would work to well for a game like this, especially one that's meant as a coffee-break/on your Iphone, sort of thing. Perhaps what your looking for instead, is some sort of party gameplay where you get to use multiple characters. Maybe 3?)
  • Settings or configuration of some sort, perhaps with options similar to other roguelikes, would be a good idea.
  • Once again, carry-over gold is a pretty ineffective part of the game right now. I would suggest removing it, increase the amount of gold per pickup during dungeons, and add a carry-over stat for minimum gold and have it increase via special dungeon wins the same way maximum gold does now. Right now, gold pick ups don't matter much mid-dungeon, even if you waste quite a few, but you still want the maximum gold value to matter.
  • Add "traps". Invisible to player they do damage when stepped on, if player lives & tiles have been revealed health & mana is added as normal. Trap is now visible but will still do damage each crossing. 3 types for increasing difficulty; pit,spiked pit,poisoned spiked pit. IMAWAL fills in pits removing trap. Some characters have 'detect trap' trait allowing them to see traps before stepping on them. 'detect trap' boon for earthmother. earthmother gives piety for traps removed with IMAWAL as her goats are now safe :) (this also makes imawal & earthmother more attractive)(If they considered using traps, they could also add trapdoors that forced a player into one of the new minidungeons)

Suggestions for Objects / Shops

  • Make health potions and vampiric items cheaper in shops.
  • Add the number of health/mana restored by the potion to it's tooltip. (SECONDED)

Suggestions for the Classes/Races

  • Add a class (such as "Explorer" or "Spelunker") that semi-reveals tiles 2 spaces away from the character, showing the player what is on the tile without uncovering it.
  • Number of gold gained by Tinker for killing monsters depends on monster’s level (divided by 2, rounded up).
  • Halfling and gnome have not bonus in potion count, but bonus in potions effectiveness.(about 60% instead of 40%)
  • Mana potions restore some (20-30%) health for berserkers.
  • Add a race that converts glyphs to piety. (Seconded)
  • Increase goblin gold when converting glyphs to something like 4+level.
  • Do not consume blood when a blood mage with full health steps on it.(Seconded)
  • Add something akin to an amazon race, so that some female characters get thrown into the mix before someone inevitably asks for a female portrait of every character in the game come retail launch.
  • Priest starts with either all altars on map, or choice of god from the get-go.

Still uncategorized

  • Make a mode with several dungeon levels (except campaign) like in classic roguelike games.
  • Give some gold for boss slaying.
  • Make monster stats specific; a bit various for every monster. For example, a monster of type x of level y can have random HP value from 50 to 65 and random attack from 20 to 25. It will make game a bit more unpredictable and interesting.
  • Linux support.
  • Special Dungeon: Colliseum. This special dungeon has no reward for completion and is unlocked after winning (AND SUBMITTING) a ranked game. This dungeon allows you to create your own dungeons and put them up for download for other players, the same way you can with tilesets currently. The control you have over the dungeon is over the types and amounts of monsters appearing( by lvl, so if I want all the lvl 1's in the dungeon to be goblins, I can), but not over the labrynth layout and the unlocks the player can bring in. You can also design your own boss ( or two bosses, I suppose) based on the normal bosses, but with variable special qualities, similar to the campaign bosses. Participating in this process might unlock a new class or some other bonus. This would help introduce new players to the DD community and can prove to be an even greater challenge on top of the campaign.