Dragon Isles

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Monsters: Dragon Spawn Monster Icon.png Dragon Spawns, Druid Monster Icon.png Druids, Serpent Monster Icon.png Serpents, etc etc etc

Boss: Firstborn, Matron of Flame

Special Rules

Defeating the Firstborn will unlock the path to the Lair.

The Lair is a narrow corridor that starts with two Dragon Guards flanking a wall that vanishes if they're defeated, followed by four Dragon Elites and finally the Matron of Flame.


(todo: find out if any content from Annotated Playthrough Dragon Isles and Anyone Can Win Vicious Part 2: Dragon Isles is still useful)

After the interminable curse-corrosion-weaken trifectas of most Vicious dungeons, this is a fresh breath of air. Prefer HALPMEH to PISORF or BURNDAYRAZ, as there are no walls and the Matron retaliates.

Assassin - Play competently enough to reach level 10 in the main dungeon (A Balanced Dagger or the Goblin race may be useful); this will allow you to make short work of the Matron's escort and handle her as you would handle a slightly lighter-weight Super Meat Man.



XXXX - Complete Dragon Isles with any 3 classes. Unlocks the playable File:Human Half-Dragon.png Half-Dragon monster class.

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