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'''Monsters:''' All unlocked monsters and vampires
'''Monsters:''' All unlocked monsters and vampires
'''Bosses:''' Either the Tormented One (hp 238, attack 75, 60% physical resist, mana burn, undead) or Frank the Zombie (hp 636, attack 75, undead)
'''Boss:''' Count BlahBlah: 397hp, 75 attack. retaliate fireball, undead, 30% lifesteal (on uncovering from blackspace)  
'''Special Rules:''' None
'''Special Rules:''' None

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Eastern Tundra.png

This dungeon is meant for holy classes. It is unlocked when you complete Robbed!


Monsters: All unlocked monsters and vampires

Boss: Count BlahBlah: 397hp, 75 attack. retaliate fireball, undead, 30% lifesteal (on uncovering from blackspace)

Special Rules: None


Recommended Classes: Priest, Monk, Paladin

This dungeon randomizes between all unlocked monster, but still rigs it toward spawning undead creatures. Due to the quest, and the priests ability to crush undead, you want to bring a holy class. If you get the Tormented One as your boss, you should not pick a Paladin, due to his spell casting needs, or a monk, due to his weak damage.

If you are playing a priest, you want to use your extra damage against undead to level up quickly. Two fireballs and then one physical shot can usually take out high level wraiths. Vampires are also great targets due to their low hp. Zombies are good targets, but not nearly as easy to kill as wraiths or vampires, so they are your last choice of the three. Be careful with mana burn, because it can be the difference between a one level higher versus two level higher kill. When you are just short of level 8 begin fighting the boss. Kill a low level monster for a mid-fight level up, and continue bashing them, using potions if necessary, until they die.

If you are a monk, beeline for Taurog's altar, assuming he's unlocked. Get all of his equipment, while regen fighting higher levels to level up. If possible, through god conversions, pacts, or items, try to max out your resistances. Once you hit level 7 or 8, it should be easy to regen fight the boss.

If you are playing a paladin, you want to get as high resistance as possible. Pick a god that boons won't penalize you, but still gives resistances. When you are about to hit level 8, attack and use HALPMEH until you cannot take another hit. Level up by killing a low level monster. Continue fighting, and use potions if necessary, until the boss dies.


The only quest is Deep Freeze, which requires you to beat this with a holy type hero.