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Gods work similarly to other roguelike games, each giving themed bonuses and penalties. While some penalties are more trivial to avoid or withstand than others, every god has the ability to substantially improve a dungeon run given proper planning. When you play with gods, however, you play with fire - it is up to the player to wield it against the enemy rather than against herself in the form of harsh and avoidable punishments.

All classes except for Class: Goatperson Goatperson begin without a religion, and must visit an altar to join a religion (except for Class: Vampire Vampire, who cannot join a religion). Each dungeon has up to three altars, each assigned to a randomly-selected god among those unlocked. Stepping on the altar will display a brief flavor text description and the option to begin worship if you have not selected a god yet. It is also possible to change religions mid-run through the (religious) Conversion mechanic (explained below), allowing the player to take boons from multiple gods while avoiding penalties.

Relatively new players can experiment with gods in a punishment-free setting using a Class: Paladin Paladin, once unlocked. Intermediate-to-advanced practice with gods can had by using the challenging Class: Goatperson Goatperson class, whose mandatory polytheism forces the player away from comfort picks and instead teaches them how to plan actions around religious conversions.

Some lesser divinities can infrequently be encountered in subdungeons. These only differ from other subdungeons thematically, as they do not otherwise function as a god in the same broad mechanical sense as the 9 major deities.

Piety and Altars

Piety is the spiritual equivalent of gold. You start with 0 Piety, and can never have less than 0. You can never have more than 100 Piety saved up, so any gains beyond this are wasted.

The number of altars in a standard dungeon depends on your kingdom. Initially, no altars will spawn. Occasionally, the player will find a subdungeon with a particular challenge; this challenge, when conquered, will convert the player to the god they just discovered (even if they were already worshipping another one) and allow this god's altars to spawn in any dungeon. Altars will spawn based on the amount of gods you've unlocked. If you have 1-3, one god will spawn. 4-8 two gods will spawn. If you unlock your ninth god, you will have all three altars spawn.

Each altar has a 3x3 square of sparkles centred on it, coloured-coded according to the deity of the altar. You should learn the colours, as these give advance notice of which deity is present. Each sparkle disappears when stepped on, giving +1 piety (regardless of your current religious status).

If you are currently following a god, you can desecrate the altar of any other god (except for the Pactmaker's altar, which can never be desecrated). Doing so gains 30 piety (-10 for each subsequent desecration) and three indulgences, but you will suffer a punishment from the god whose altar you smashed, and the smashed altar will become unusable. The punishments vary from irrelevant to disastrous depending on the god and your overall strategy.

The principal way to gain piety is by performing actions your current god approves of. If however you perform a disapproved action, your god will 'fine' you a certain amount of piety. If you have indulgences, he/she will take off one of those in preference to fining you in piety, so it's a good idea to time your desecrations so that the indulgences allow you to avoid heavy fines. If you do not have any indulgences, nor enough piety to pay the fine, you will suffer your god's punishment (the Class: Paladin Paladin is exempt from this).

The Pactmaker uses Piety a little differently from the other gods. Whenever you perform the action associated with your Pact, the Pactmaker will try to take away the necessary Piety and give you the associated benefit. If you cannot afford the Piety cost, the Pactmaker won't deduct any piety and won't give you the benefit, but there is no punishment and the Pact remains active.

You must return to your god's altar in order to request boons from them. On some maps you will need to be careful about getting cut off from the altar.

Initial worship and conversion

You can only follow one god at a time, and at the start, you are not following any god. (Note: The Pactmaker cannot be followed, but you can take one of its Pacts regardless of whether or not you are following a god.)

If you are not currently following any god, you can start following a god at his/her altar. Depending on the god, you will receive an initial worship bonus in the form of piety and sometimes a free glyph.

If you are already following a god, and you are not a Class: Paladin Paladin or Class: Goatperson Goatperson, you can convert to another god with an intact altar (even a god you previously abandoned). You need at least 50 piety in the bank to convert, and you lose half of whatever you have when you convert. Converting does not give any of the initial worship benefits.

Main Gods

Gods work much the same way in the beta version, but all the gods that are implemented have their boons and piety actions changed up, making them in some cases just slightly different (e.g. Tikki Tooki) and in others encouraging an almost entirely different playstyle than before (e.g. Mystera Annur). Some boons can even be used more than once, usually with an increased Piety cost each time; they will be marked "repeatable" on the chart below, usually with a cost of "X + Y*n Piety" (n being the number of times the boon has already been used).

Binlor Ironshield


Initial worship


  • Removes 50% player physical and magic resistances

Preparation penalty

  • 30% of the walls become unbreakable
Likes Dislikes Boons

Destroy a wall

  • +5 Piety


  • +1 Piety

Gain a level

  • -10 Piety

Use IMAWAL on an empty space

  • -5 Piety

Stone Soup

Stone Skin (repeatable)

  • Cost: 15 Piety
  • Destroys 3 nearby visible wall segments, gives 3 layers of Stone Skin (temporary 60% physical resistance) and permanent +3% magic resistance

Stone Form

  • Cost: 25 Piety
  • Destroys 10 nearby visible wall segments, grants Might (BYSSEPS) whenever a wall is destroyed, gives +5% magic resistance

Stone Fist

  • Cost: 40 Piety
  • Destroys 20 nearby visible wall segments, +50% knockback damage, gives +5% magic resistance

Stone Heart (repeatable)

  • Cost: 10 Piety
  • Destroys 15 nearby wall segments, lowers all visible enemy resistances by 5%, gives +3% magic resistance



Initial worship

  • Starting Piety: Killed enemies x2


  • -20 Max Health

Preparation penalty

  • 25% of enemies become Bloodless
Likes Dislikes Boons

Attack with Lifesteal (once per monster)

  • +1 Piety

Drink a Blood Pool

  • +1 piety per level of blood tithe

Kill a non-undead monster

  • +2 Piety

Convert HALPMEH or CYDSTEPP glyph

  • +10 Piety

Convert health potion

  • +5 Piety

Kill an undead monster

  • -5 Piety

Use a health potion

  • -5 Piety


  • -5 Piety

Blood Curse

  • Cost: Increases level by 1 (no stat increase, no HP/MP fill)
  • +20 Piety

Blood Tithe (repeatable)

  • Cost: 10 + 15n Piety, -5 Max Health
  • Grants Sanguine (can suck up blood pool to heal 5% of max health), or boosts Sanguine by 5% if you already have Sanguine, +1 Base Damage

Blood Hunger (repeatable)

  • Cost: 20 + 25n Piety, -20% to maximum resistances
  • +1 Life Steal, +1 base damage

Blood Shield

  • Cost: 40 Piety
  • +15% to physical & magical resistances

Blood Swell (repeatable)

  • Cost: 20 + 10n Piety
  • Restore all HP, +1 layer of curse

The Earthmother


Initial worship

  • Starting Piety: Always +5
  • Free IMAWAL glyph on joining.


  • Inflicts 5 levels of Corrosion.

Preparation penalty

  • Doubles number of plants spawned from boons
Likes Dislikes Boons

Use IMAWAL on a monster

  • +10 Piety

Use IMAWAL on a plant

  • +5 Piety

Kill a plant

  • -15 Piety

Use Lifesteal

  • -5 Piety

Plantation (repeatable)

  • Cost: 5 Piety
  • Spawns a plant on each bloodstain (acid pools excluded) for 5 Piety each.

Clearance (repeatable)

  • Cost: 5 Piety + 5n Piety
  • Remove up to 10 random plants and restore 1 mana per plant removed

Greenblood (repeatable)

  • Cost: 5 + 3n Piety
  • Applies Corrosion to all enemies (on dungeon level) and removes a stack of Cursed. Spawns 3 random plants.

Entanglement (repeatable)

  • Cost: 5 Piety
  • All enemies are slowed. Spawns 5 random plants.

Vine Form (repeatable)

  • Cost: 5 + 3n Piety
  • Grants permanent +1 to damage reduction and +4 to health. Spawns 2 random plants.

Glowing Guardian


Initial worship

  • Starting Piety: +5 per level


  • Removes all glyphs/items from inventory

Preparation penalty

  • Piety gain per level up reduced to 0+2 stacking Piety
Likes Dislikes Boons

Become Poisoned

  • +2 Piety

Become Mana Burned

  • +2 Piety

Kill any undead

  • +1 Piety

Gain Level

  • +3 stacking Piety


  • +10 Piety

Convert a large item, a glyph or a health/mana potion

  • +5 Piety

Convert a small item (excluding health/mana potions)

  • +2 Piety

Burnt Offering (Monster had Burning applied upon dying)

  • +1 Piety

Use a Health or Mana potion

  • -10 Piety

Use poison (Venom blade, APHEELSIK glyph)

  • -10 Piety

Use lifesteal

  • -10 Piety

Use the BLUDTUPOWA glyph

  • -20 Piety

Drink a blood pool

  • -10 Piety


  • Cost: 15 Piety
  • Effect: Reduces player level by 1, but maintains health, base damage and XP

Absolution (repeatable)

  • Cost: 2 + 2n Piety
  • Effect: Removes one monster of your level or lower from the game (exception: Undead, monsters on different dungeon levels, bosses), gain +4 Max HP and a Prayer Bead

Cleansing (repeatable)

  • Cost: 10 Piety
  • Removes Poison, Mana Burn, 1 level of Weakness and 1 level of Corrosion, applies Consecrated Strike buff (next attack deals Magical damage), receive a Prayer Bead

Protection (repeatable)

  • Cost: 10 + 5n Piety
  • Restores 35% Max Health and Mana, receive a Prayer Bead


  • Cost: 100 Piety
  • Enchants all Prayer Beads in inventory, gain +1 Max HP, +1% bonus damage, +1% magic resistance, +1 XP and +10 Conversion Points per bead. Gain +5 Max Mana and all stacks of Curse removed.

Jehora Jeheyu


Initial worship

  • Starting Piety: Random, based on player level
  • Free WEYTWUT glyph on joining


  • Poison, mana burn, corrode, weaken, curse, or reduce HP to 1


  • 50% chance of reducing HP to 1 and MP to 0 and of reducing max health, max mana and attack bonus by 33%.

Preparation penalty

  • Removes one inventory slot
Random actions Boons

Randomly grants +2-4 Piety or MINOR PUNISHMENT from:

  • Enemy reveal (except plants)
  • Enemy death (XP-valuable)
  • Successful dodge
  • Item conversion


  • Cost: 45 Piety
  • Stops inflicting MINOR PUNISHMENT

Last Chance

  • Cost: 1 Piety
  • Drain remaining piety and use it making an X out of 100 roll. If you succeed your hp and mp are fully recovered.

Boost Health (repeatable)

  • Cost: 20 + 25n Piety
  • Destroy a health potion and gain +20 max health

Boost Mana (repeatable)

  • Cost: 20 + 25n Piety
  • Destroy a mana potion and gain +3 max mana

Chaos Avatar

  • Cost: 80 Piety
  • Gain a level, lose all corrosion and weakening, gain 100 conversion points, and all monsters have their resistances reduced by 20% (same screen only)

Mystera Annur


Initial worship

  • Starting piety: Number of previous glyphs cast


  • +15% to all monsters' physical and magical resistances

Preparation penalty

  • Reduces Mystera's piety gain by 25%
Likes Dislikes Boons

Use a glyph

  • +(MP Cost / 2) Piety

Kill an enemy that uses a magical attack

  • -5 Piety

Become Mana Burned

  • -(Mana lost + 1) Piety

Magic (repeatable)

  • Cost: 5 + 20n Piety
  • +1 Max Mana


  • Cost: 50 Piety
  • Causes Glyph Conversions to restore 50% of max mana


  • Cost: 20 Piety
  • +1 damage/level for BURNDAYRAZ glyph attack, -50% bonus damage

Weakening (repeatable)

  • Cost: 30 Piety
  • -10% magic resistance to both player and all monsters on the current level

Mystic Balance

  • Cost: 60 Piety
  • All glyph ability costs are increased or decreased towards 5 by a maximum of 2 mana.

The Pactmaker


The Pactmaker is not a religion in the same sense as the other eight deities. He allows one and only one Pact to be made with him, even if you are worshiping another god.


Scholar's Pact

  • On level up: -10 Piety, overheal and casts BYSSEPS

Warrior's Pact

  • On XP kill: -3 Piety, +1 Max Health

Alchemist's Pact

  • On health or mana potion use: -4 Piety, +3 Experience

Body Pact

  • On damage (XP-valuable enemy only): -4 Piety, +1% physical & magical resistance

Spirit Pact

  • On item conversion: -5 Piety, +15 bonus conversion points


  • Effect: +50 Piety, -50 max Piety
  • Can be taken along with a pact if Consensus is taken first



Initial worship

  • Starting Piety: Enemies killed x2


  • -40% bonus damage, enemies gain 10% magic resist

Preparation penalty

  • All enemies become Cowardly
Likes Dislikes Boons

Kill an enemy

  • +4 Piety

Kill an enemy that uses magical attack

  • +8 Piety

Convert a glyph

  • +10 Piety

Use a glyph

  • -2 Piety per use

Convert Taurog's Equipment (even if not actively worshiping Taurog)

  • -10% attack bonus, but no piety loss

Taurog's Blade

  • Cost: 20 Piety, -1 Max Mana
  • Obtain Taurog's Skullpicker (+5 Base Damage), +5% bonus damage

Taurog's Shield

  • Cost: 25 Piety, -1 Max Mana
  • Obtain Taurog's Wereward (-5 Damage Reduction), +5% bonus damage

Taurog's Helm

  • Cost: 25 Piety, -1 Max Mana
  • Obtain Taurog's Gloat (+15% magical resistance), +5% bonus damage

Taurog's Armour

  • Cost: 25 Piety, -1 Max Mana
  • Obtain Taurog's Will (+15% physical resistance), +5% bonus damage

Unstoppable Fury (repeatable)

  • Cost: 20 + 10n Piety
  • Gain Death Protection. Prerequisite: Must be equipped with all of Taurog's Equipment

Tikki Tooki


Initial worship

  • Free GETINDARE glyph on joining.


  • All enemies (on all floors) gain First Strike, Weakening; all permanent Tikki Tooki boons except Tikki's Edge are removed

Preparation penalty

  • All damage taken incurs a Piety penalty
Likes Dislikes Boons

Kill any enemy below your level

  • +5 Piety

Dodge any attack

  • +3 Piety

Poison an enemy

  • +1 Piety (once per enemy)


  • +1 Piety

Get hit twice or more by the same monster

  • -3 Piety per hit

Trigger a death protection effect (occurs when lethal attack is survived, not on cast)

  • -10 Piety

Tribute (repeatable)

  • Cost: 15 Gold
  • +10 Piety

Tikki's Edge (repeatable)

  • Cost: 25 + 25n Piety
  • +1 to experience from all XP kills, +10 Gold


  • Cost: 25 Piety
  • +10% Dodge, +10 Gold


  • Cost: 15 + 10n Piety
  • Gain 1 level of Poisonous strike

Reflexes (repeatable)

  • Cost: 35 Piety
  • Convert 1 Health potion to 1 Quicksilver + 1 Reflex potion

Choose your god

!!Warning!! That information provides some useful hints, but is not always of top accuracy. Veteran will probably disagree a lot with what is written there. But it still is a good start...

(Been edited a bit since that warning for stuff that was quite a bit more inaccurate than than "not always top accuracy", now there's just more to be said about each god)

  • God: Binlor Ironshield Binlor Ironshield: Binlor works as a source of knockback melee damage, temporary physical damage resistance and permanent magic damage resistance, and is quite easy to farm piety with. He grants a free PISORF on worship, which also makes him a popular "glyph magnet" as a preparation. If Pissorf is difficult to gain Piety with, You can get ENDISWAL from him for 35 piety, or can pick one up if it spawns - or you can prep Bear Mace to help farm his piety. Constantly requesting Stone Skin and/or Stone Heart will allow you to rack up a great amount of magic resistance. Binlor is also a good desecration target, as long as you don't care about your resistance, and if you're going to spam Stoneskins you don't mind his punishment even if you're worshiping him.
  • God: Dracul Dracul: Dracul is a good selection for most melee classes, due to how much health refills he can bring to the table. He can grant you lifesteal (heals you when eating low level monsters), sanguine (turns blood on the floor into healing powerups) or even a stright up full heal via Blood Swell. Unfortunately, he doesn't really like you using other forms of healing like Halpmeh or Cydstep - it takes a bit of practice to combine him with folks who like to use those. He doesn't like you using healing potions, either, but he like you CONVERTING those, which paradoxically makes him a fine Halfling deity if you want quick piety with him (makes a "parched halfling a strategy). The other reason he's useful is for if Blood Shield boon, which stacks extremely well with other forms of damage resistance while not takink up an item slot, and he's a key player in resist stacking strategies. Both glass cannon builds and big health builds can make good use out of overhealing with his lifesteal, too, and Dwarves can get great mileage out of everything he provides.
  • God: The Earthmother The Earthmother: A very useful deity whatever your plan is, and a great source of piety. Her free IMAWAL glyph will both give you piety and help you level up faster, and her Vine Form boon will let you get more out of the Exp bonus by letting you fight higher level enemies with less effort. Her Plantation boon allows you to get 100 Piety extremely easily, and also allow for seemingly enless spam of her Clearance boon which can be an equivalent to having several kegs of mana potions. It can also be used to convert to another deity. Entanglement is multi purpose - bonus experience on every monster, protection from enemy first strike and retaliation and it's cheap to spam just to put plants on the map. The Earthmother's altar is an easy desecration target, since a single Burn Salve negates her punishment.
  • God: Glowing Guardian Glowing Guardian: A powerful deity for every class except Bloodmage and Assassin, or Tri-Sword/Alchemist's Scroll builds. Worship him as early as possible to get the most piety out of him. Absolution is deceptively powerful, allowing gain a ton of max HP, although it costs 1/5 of an item slot and some potential XP. Enlightenment can be used to your advantage, providing a nice bonus to everything, plus a complete curse wipe. Unfortunately he hates potions, and converting in and out of him isn't a great option. Also, he gives piety for converting things and leveling, and goblins convert things for leveling, they make ideal GG worshipers.
  • God: Jehora Jeheyu Jehora Jeheyu: He rewards almost anything you do, but sometimes he will inflict a random small punishment instead untill you get the Petition boon from him. In return for this bit of inconvenience he provides very, VERY cheap stat boosts. Grab his Petition boon to end his punishments as soon as possible, and burn a potion or whatever to get to lvl2 and enjoy the great boosts, quality refills and also the handy Wheytwut glyph which lets you explore any map easily. Desecrating him is somewhat risky. A desecration can either severely reduce your total health, mana and damage, or just give you free piety. Desecrate only when desperate, or feel lucky. Also a great god for Goblins as they can take all his punishments at lvl 1 and just covnert something to get rid of most of them, and they can get a lot of mileage out of his stat boosts, and you can get grat mileage out of Halflings and Gnomes as well.
  • God: Mystera Annur Mystera Annur: Mystera works well for most Burndayraz spellcaster builds (even when your character isn't one because worshiping Mystera turns anyone into one). Her magic boon is a free mana point, and another one each time you can afford it. Refreshment provides roughly 5-6 Mana Potions worth of mana, so saving glyphs for mana replenishment is often crucial for getting the most out of her. Mystic Balance allows for 5 MP fireballs and 8 MP CYDSTEPPs, although it fares poorly with other cheaper glyphs. Flames bump your effective caster level at levels 4 and 8 for dedicated casters and Weakening can fully negate one of the few obstacles to fireball spam if used a bunch. Don't worship her if the dungeon is full of magical monsters or mana burners unless you know what you're doing, in most other cases she's supremely easy to play and powerful. Also - don't desecrate her unless youe know you have a way around her punishment.
  • God: The Pactmaker The Pactmaker: Works differently than other deities and can be worshipped at the same time as another deity. The Pactmaker offers 5 pacts which decrease your piety, but give you god effects when certain things happen. If you cannot pay the piety because you have no other god, nothing happens. If you have a god, but can't pay the piety, you do not invoke the gods punishment. You can also use Consensus for an instant piety boost or for converting out of another deity. Works well with "piety farms" like The Earthmother and Taurog, as well as the Stone Sigil. Always keep in mind that you can't take the powerful Consensus if you take another pact before, but you can still take another pact if you take Consensus first.
  • God: Taurog Taurog: Taurog is a good source of piety, and benefits classes that beg for physical damage, especially the Berserker and the Monk. However, the mana penalty can be crippling and his boons will fill your inventory and prevent you from purchasing other items from shops. With Taurog, you can either worship him full-time and abuse his Unstoppable Fury boon or grab a few of his items and convert out of him before the MP penalty cripples you. He rewards converting glyphs, so front-loaded guys like Orcs, or the melee happy Halflings make good "Warmonger" melee-only builds with him because they can dump all their glyphs to get a lot of his stuff in their inventory early. He's also good for mele types going "Miser" as he doesn't leave too much room for other items anyway.
  • God: Tikki Tooki Tikki Tooki: Good choice as a later game deity, as he enjoys you slaying lower level monsters, but a big no for tanks. That is, if you can just hop in with a tank and grab his Dodging boon and maybe a hit of Tikki's edge then get out, he's great - the more hits you can tank the more potential dodges, you just have to get out of TT worship first. This prep penalty looks harsh, but just promotes optimal play on spellcasters and glass cannon types - and Tikki's Edge stacking is great with spellcasters while each hit of Reflexes gives you two powerful potions almost anyone can find a use for. When playing for a lot of Tikki's Edge benefits - save some low level monsters. Poison isn't particularly powerful outside of very specific builds, but the first shot basically pays for itself. A nice thing about Tikki Tooki is that his boons give you gold, so you can afford buying powerful items or potions and abusing gold-consuming items like the Crystal Ball. Just don't prep him with Cydstep users whatever you do, he doesn't like that. On plant maps he can give you a lot of piety for dodgning plant hits (just don't try it with the plants that kill you :) )

Lesser divinities

Some other divinities can be encountered in subdungeons. You can sometimes interact, or even worship them.

  • The metal spider, in the Metal Spider Temple, who will reward you if you abandon some life.
  • The mighty lost Lekon, who likes you to kill goats