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This page is about the Full/Beta Version of the game, if you are looking for the Alpha/Free Version, see Alpha:Glyphs

Glyphs are spells located throughout a dungeon that must first be picked up before they can be used. Each glyph occupies a full inventory slot, and otherwise is treated like any other item. The Wizard, however, treats all glyphs as small items. Glyphs are each worth 100 conversion points, which will grant you a special bonus by destroying them. The result of the conversion is based on their race.


A glyph's name hints at the spell effect it performs. Some glyphs cost more mana than others to cast and not all are available from the start. Note that the Wizard and Berserker classes respectively get a 1 point discount and 2 point penalty to mana costs for their glyphs. As well, the deity Mystera Annur has a boon which will change the cost of various glyphs, raising the cost of some and reducing the cost of others.

Image Glyph Cost (Mana) Effect
(Poison - "I feel sick")
7 Inflicts the poison status on a monster, preventing it from regenerating health as you explore. Will wear off when you attack anything. Undead are immune. When the assassin uses this glyph, he also deals 1 point of corrosion to the target.
  • Unlocked when you unlock the Assassin class
(Blood Magic - "Blood to power")
0 Enable to revoke cause yourself to lose health whenever you explore, but double mana regeneration
  • Unlocked when you unlock the Bloodmage class
(Fireball - "Burn their ass")
6 Hits a monster with a fireball, causing 4 points of damage per player level, and inflicting 1 point of burning effect.
(Power Strike - "Biceps")
2 Player gets +30% damage bonus for next physical attack only, and causes the victim of your attack to lose 3% to physical and magic resist
(Protection from Death - "Sidestep")
10 The player will be protected from the next fatal attack and will be reduced to 1 point of health instead of dying. Can only be used when at full health, unless you are a Warlord.
  • Unlocked when you unlock the Warlord class.
(Wall destruction - "End this wall")
6 Destroys a section of wall and grants temporary 20% physical resist against the next attack. This stacks up to your maximum resistance value if used repeatedly.
(First Strike - "Get in there")
3 Player gets first strike status for next physical attack only.
(Heal - "Help me")
4 Restores 3 points of health per player level and cures poison status.
  • Unlocked when you unlock the Paladin class.
(Flesh to Stone - "I'm a wall")
5 Transforms the target into a section of wall, and grants +50% experience bonus on your next attack (bonus XP is also multiplier). No experience is granted for the target of the petrification. Plants (presuming they are not magic immune) and no-XP monsters are valid targets and you still get the +50% XP bonus.
(Clairvoyance - "Let me see")
2 Fully reveals 3 random unexplored tiles. Is more likely to reveal tiles that contain monsters, powerups, shops, or glyphs than it is to reveal empty tiles. As a result, you'll usually regain as much or more mana than you spent casting it. Still uses mana even if there are no unrevealed tiles.
(Knockback Monster - "Piss off")
4 Pushes the monster away. If the monster is pushed into a wall or another monster, it takes damage proportional to your base attack.
(Self-Monster Swap - "Wait what?")
8 Swaps the player's position with the target monster and slows it. Slowed monsters lose many special abilities (including first strike, retaliates fireball, and cowardice) and also grant 1 extra bonus XP if slain while slowed. Slowed only expires when the monster is attacked, and unlike poison you can have as many monsters slowed at a time as you like.
(Summon Monster - "Wanna fight")
5 Teleports a random monster of the player's level to a random empty tile next to the player and slows it. Fails if no such monster or tile exists.