Honour and Glory

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Honour and Glory is the Paladin Silver Class Challenge.

You worship God: Taurog Taurog.


Race: Human Human works quite well, and Race: Elf Elf works to counteract Taurog's mana loss if you want to use your glyphs more.


Prep a Item: Compression Seal Compression Seal. Explore a bit to find some glyphs to convert, get Item: Skullpicker Skullpicker. Use that to win the earlygame forever. Accrue Taurog's gear. Try to use Glyph: HALPMEH HALPMEH when you've just gotten another piece of Taurog's gear so as to maximize your piety gain and leverage your Holy Work class feature. Don't be afraid to use mana potions to spike high level fights, you're not going to be needing them for the boss. Good items to pick up are Item: Platemail Platemail, Item: Elven Boots Elven Boots, and Item: Soul Orb Soul Orb. Platemail allows you to start attacking the boss at level six, and Elven Boots allows you to throw two Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ even with Taurog's gear. With a midfight levelup, health potions, and Taurog's death protections, you should easily be able to take down the boss.