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This page is about the Full/Beta Version of the game, if you are looking for the Alpha/Free Version, see Alpha:Items

Blacksmith Items

Item Description Cost Conversion Points


+2 base damage 25 35


-2 damage reduction 15 35

Slaying Wand
Slaying Wand.png

Instantly slays one target monster, granting base experience (no bonus experience; capped at your level) 5 10

Perseverance Badge
Perseverance Badge.png

+10% bonus damage; small item 15 20

Really Big Sword
Really Big Sword.png

Attacks ignore 25% of target's physical resistance, but always strike second 12 35

Bear Mace
Bear Mace.png

+25% knockback damage 12 35

Basic Items

Item Description Cost Conversion Points


+1 base damage; small item 1 1

Tower Shield
Tower Shield.png

+10% physical resistance 14 35

Fine Sword
Fine Sword.png

+4 base damage 15 35

Pendant of Health
Pendant of Health.png

+10 max hit points. 15 35

Pendant of Mana
Pendant of Mana.png

+2 max mana 12 35

Troll Heart
Troll Heart.png

Gain +2 Max HP every time you level up (Bonus is not lost from converting this item) 16 40

Bloody Sigil
Bloody Sigil.png

+10 max HP, -10% bonus attack 8 45

Badge of Honour
Badge of Honour.png

+10% attack bonus, can be consumed to grant 1-time death protection 18 40

Tokoloshe Charm
Tokoloshe Charm.png

+5% magic resistance; small item; 1 10

Fake Beard
Fake Beard.png

+5 XP on pickup, can't be converted 10 N/A

Quest Items

Item Description Method of Obtaining Cost Conversion Points

Piercing Wand
Piercing Wand.png

BURNDAYRAZ reduce enemy magic resistance by 3% (Cannot go below 0%) 13 30

Rock Heart
Rock Heart.png

Replenishes 1 Health per level and 1 Mana whenever a wall is destroyed (ENDISWALL or knockback) 14 60

Fire Heart
Fire Heart.png

Gains +5% charge every time you cast a spell that costs 3 or more mana; activate to use stored charge to restore HP (maximum 100%) Complete "Ice and Fury" quest 20 1

Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball.png

Gains 1 charge every time you cast a spell that costs 3 or more mana; activate to use all charges and restore mana equal to number of charges for 5 gold 15 1

Witchalok Pendant
Witchalok Pendant.png

Grants a layer of Trait: Stone skin Stone skin when casting BURNDAYRAZ; small item Complete "Halflings Ho!" quest 19 30

Battlemage Ring
Battlemage Ring.png

BURNDAYRAZ deals +1 damage per level (+25% damage) Complete "Minecraft" quest 25 20

Hero's Helm
Heros Helm.png

+5 HP, +1 MP, +2 base damage 18 50


-2 damage reduction per character level Complete the Fighter Silver Challenge 23 40


Your physical attacks apply Burning effect like BURNDAYRAZ Complete the Berserker Silver Challenge 15 45


Gain +2 base attack whenever you drink a potion at the cost of 3 gold Complete the Warlord Silver Challenge 12 35

Balanced Dagger
Balanced Dagger.png

Grants 2 bonus experience every time you kill an equal-leveled enemy; small item Complete the Thief Silver Challenge 15 25

Gloves of Midas
Gloves of Midas.png

Gain +1 gold every time you kill an XP-valuable monster Complete the Rogue Silver Challenge 10 45

Venom Dagger
Venom Sword.png

Your first attack against any monster poisons them; small item Complete the Assassin Silver Challenge 16 50

Stone Sigil
Stone Sigil.png

Gain +1 Piety whenever you kill an XP-valuable monster; small item Complete Priest Silver Challenge 18 30

Martyr Wraps
Martyr Wraps.png

Your attacks apply a stack of Corrosion; everything (including you) gains 1 corrosion on level-up Complete the Monk Silver Challenge 25 50

Agnostic Collar
Agnostic Collar.png

Prevents deity punishment for desecration, removed when used Complete Paladin Silver Challenge

Mage Plate
Mage Plate.png

Gain +1 MP and -5% bonus damage per character level Complete the Wizard Silver Challenge 20 40

Blue Bead
Blue Bead.png

Gain +1 MP whenever you kill an XP-valuable monster; small item Complete Sorcerer Silver Challenge

Vampiric Blade
Vampiric Blade.png

+1 Trait: Life steal Life steal Complete Bloodmage Silver Challenge 25 50

Viper Ward
Viper Ward.png

Immune to poison; small item Complete "Hello, halflings!" introduction puzzles 16 65

Soul Orb
Soul Orb.png

Immune to Mana Burn; small item Complete "Hello, gnomes!" introduction puzzles 16 65

Elite Items

The elite items are unlocked by completing the final Bezar Quest, and will begin appearing in shops like other items.

Item Description Cost Conversion Points

Keg of Health
Keg of Health.png

Obtain 3 healing potions when used 25 70

Keg of Mana
Keg of Mana.png

Obtain 3 mana potions when used 25 70

Elven Boots
Elven Boots.png

+3 max mana, +15% magic resistance 35 50

Dwarven Gauntlets
Dwarven Gauntlets.png

+20% bonus damage, +2 max HP on level up 35 50

Amulet of Yendor
Amulet of Yendor.png

Grants +50 XP when used 45 100

Orb of Zot
Orb of Zot.png

Every visible enemy has their max health (not current health) reduced by 50% 45 100

Alchemist Scroll
Alchemist Scroll.png

Grants +8 HP at the cost of 3 gold whenever a potion is used (Effect can only be activated once per character level) 13 40

Wicked Guitar
Wicked Guitar.png

All visible enemies have their level increased by 1. Cannot affect the same enemy twice, and cannot raise their level above 10 11 11

Vicious Dungeon Rewards

Item Description Method of Obtaining

Avatar Symbol
Avatar Symbol.png

+9% physical and magic resistance, gains a charge for every XP-valuable enemy killed (up to 10), can be used to gain +10% bonus damage per charge when used for your next attack Beat the Demonic Library with any class and collect it from the boss.

Dragon Shield
Dragon Shield.png

+18% physical and magic resistance Beat the Dragon Isles with any class and collect it from the boss.

Namtar's Ward
Namtar's Ward.png

Can be used once per character level to give yourself death protection at no extra cost. Beat Namtar's Lair with any class and collect it from the boss.

Other Unique Items

Item Description Method of Obtaining

Cracked Orb
Cracked Orb.png

Reduces all visible enemies max health to 90%, but doesn't reduce their current HP Sometimes found in a generic subdungeon

Sensation Stone
Sensation Stone.png

No inherent effect, but can be converted for 150 conversion points. Dropped by the Bridge Troll on the Havendale Bridge

Dragon Soul
Blade of Yin.png

+8% physical and magic resistance, prevents you from entering the cursed realm in the Cursed Oasis Dropped by the Cursed Shade in the Cursed Oasis

Unlockerable Items

Item Description Method of Obtaining

Orb of Lusory
Orb of Lusory.png

Increases magic resistance by 50% when carried. Can be used to remove all Illusion minions from the dungeon. Randomly found in the Halls of Steel (Hard).

Blade of Yin
Blade of Yin.png

+3 base damage, can be consumed to grant Death Protection; small item Clear the Yin and Yang subdungeon

Yang's Sword
Yang's Sword.png

+3 base damage, can be consumed to grant Death Protection; small item Clear the Yin and Yang subdungeon

Draco's Heart
File:Draco's Heart.png

+3 HP every time you gain a level Found in Draco's subdungeon; must escape Draco after acquiring

Prayer Bead
Prayer Bead.png

+1% magic resistance; small item; cannot be converted Received from Glowing Guardian from certain boons


Item Description Method of Obtaining

Healing Potion

Restores 40% of your maximum HP (rounded down) when used Always available

Mana Potion

Restores 40% of your maximum MP (rounded down) when used Always Available

Fortitude Tonic

Removes Poison and all stacks of Weakening Unlocked by Witch level 1

Burn Salve

Removes Mana Burn and all stacks of Corrosion Unlocked by Witch level 1

Strength Potion

Removes all your mana, your next attack deals an additional 5 + 1 damage per mana used damage Unlocked by Witch level 2

Schadenfreude Potion

Restores 1 MP for every point of damage taken on your next attack

(Note: Mana burn is applied before damage is dealt, so if you attack an opponent with mana burn, it will take away all your mana and then this potion will kick in to restore your mana.)

Unlocked by Witch level 2

Quicksilver Potion

Grants temporary 50% Dodge, removed after a successful dodge Unlocked by Witch level 3, or can be obtained from Tikki Tokki with the "Reflexes" boon

Reflex Potion

Grants temporary First Strike and a free retaliation (extra attack) against the next monster you attack. Has no effect against monsters with First Strike. Unlocked by Witch level 3, or can be obtained from Tikki Tokki with the "Reflexes" boon


A wondrous elixir whose effects can NEVER be publicly stated. NEVER. Unlocked by Witch level 3, or inside a subdungeon

Conversion Fodder

Sometimes, players will want to obtain large amounts of conversion points to better leverage their racial bonus. There are many items well-known as "conversion fodder" that are relatively cheap and effective choices for this purpose. Generally speaking, conversion fodder items are considered to be those which offer more than 3 CP for every 1 GP spent. The following items are all considered conversion fodder:

Item: Gloves of Midas Gloves of Midas (6.5 CP / GP) - in addition to offering the best gold to CP ratio of any item in the game, this item can also be used to earn additional gold which can be used to purchase even more stuff. As a result, it is highly prized.

Item: Bloody Sigil Bloody Sigil (5.6 CP / GP) - this double-edged item is good for low-level characters, but quickly becomes excess baggage for a high-level character. Fortunately, it has a great conversion value and is worth buying for no other purpose than to immediately convert it.

Item: Rock Heart Rock Heart (4.3 CP / GP) - the Rock Heart is a great tool for anyone with knockback damage, the Glyph: PISORF PISORF glyph or the Glyph: ENDISWAL ENDISWAL glyph. Once you're done with it, you can convert it for a windfall. For those without the ability to crush walls, it's still worthwhile just for conversion points.

Item: Venom Ward Venom Ward & Item: Soul Orb Soul Orb (4 CP / GP) - these superb items grant you immunity to dangerous afflictions, consume only a small item slot, and convert for large amounts of CP when you're done. They're one of the best conversion-fodder buys around.

Item: Venom Dagger Venom Dagger (3.12 CP / GP) - a consolation prize for those seeking conversion points, the venom sword offers a reasonable amount for a reasonable price. The item itself isn't very useful otherwise, though.