Meat Man

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Meat Man
Meat Man Large.png
Meat Man Monster Icon.png
Attack.png 65%
Health.png 200%
No special traits

The Meat Man is the most durable monster in the game, with enormous sums of hit points, but limited by poor attack damage. The key weakness of the Meat Man is his health regeneration; although he has a massive hit point total, he does not heal any faster than regular monsters. Since the damage he deals on each attack is rather low, it can be quite easy to simply fight him by attrition by healing between blows. Characters with resistances or very high damage output, such as the Human Rogue.png Rogue, Human Paladin.png Paladin, or Human Monk.png Monk can slaughter Meat Men with ease. Physical resistance and high attack damage are the best attributes to focus on when fighting meatmen.

Anyone using the APHEELSIK.png APHEELSIK glyph can whittle these low-damage behemoths down to size in a very cost-effective manner. The healing glyph HALPMEH.png HALPMEH is a close second against this monster, since you don't need to spend very much mana to cure the relatively minor wounds it delivers. Glyphs that deal direct damage, such as BURNDAYRAZ.png BURNDAYRAZ or PISORF.png PISORF, are highly ineffective, as are one-time buffs such as ENDISWAL.png ENDISWAL, GETINDARE.png GETINDARE or CYDSTEPP.png CYDSTEPP.

Meat Men can be difficult to fight if you're out of exploration space, since their primary weakness is their slow health regeneration. That doesn't mean anything if you can't explore new tiles to heal yourself. As a result, it's always better to deal with Meat Men as early as possible.

When tackling the Super Meat Man boss, you will want to begin the boss battle early so you can explore and maintain a long battle of attrition. If possible, worship Tikki Tooki Icon.png Tikki Tooki to gain his poison boon, or use the APHEELSIK.png APHEELSIK glyph. Otherwise, your best bet is to focus on boosting your resistances and attack damage and beating this boss by sheer attrition.

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