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This page is about the Full/Beta Version of the game, if you are looking for the Alpha/Free Version, see Alpha:Monsters

There are many different monster types you will encounter throughout Desktop Dungeons. They have a range of abilities and stats, and each present a unique difficulty to the player. There are two formulas to determine the base stats for every monster. For hp, you use (n+3)²+10, where n is the monsters level, and for attack you use (n*(n+5))/2, where n is the monsters level. Monsters also have an attack and hp percent value. That indicates what percent of the base number provided below they have. For example, Bandits have 100% hp and 66% attack. Therefore a level 3 Bandit would do 8 damage and have 26 hp.

Level Base Attack Base Health
1 3 6
2 7 15
3 12 26
4 18 39
5 25 54
6 33 71
7 42 90
8 52 111
9 63 134
10 75 159

What kind of dungeon you are in also affects monster stats. Monsters in easy dungeons have 90% of way they would normally have, monsters in Normal dungeons have their normal stats, monsters in hard dungeons have 120% of what they would normally have, and monsters in vicious dungeons have 133% of what they would normally have.

Monster Summaries

Name Picture Attack Percentage Health Percentage Traits
Gorgon 100% 90% First Strike, 50% Death Gaze
Bandit 66% 100% Lower Resists 5%
Serpent 100% 100% Poisonous
Warlock 133% 100% Magical Attack
Goblin 115% 100% First Strike
Goat 100% 90% Magic Resist 25%

Bosses do not have the same percentages as monsters, although their base attack and health formula is the same. See Bosses for their percentages.

Monster Traits

Name Notes
First strike Offsets your own first-strike ability, whether from level or status.
Poisonous Being hit by this monster gives the Poison status.
Mana Burn Being hit by this monster gives the Mana Burn status.
Corrosive Being hit by this monster gives one level of Corroded status (+1 damage on hit)
Weakens Being hit by this monster gives one level of Weakened status (-1 damage on attack)
Lower resists X% Being hit by this monster reduces your resist levels by X%.
Life steal X% When this monster is revealed, if your life is above X%, it is drained by (how much?) and added to the monster's life total.
Magical attack Attacks by this monster are magical and apply against magic resist.
X% Physical resist Physical damage to this monster is reduced by X%.
X% Magic resist Magical damage to this monster is reduced by X%.
Revives Monster becomes another monster on death. Specifics depend on creature and level.
Cowardly Monster backs up one square when hit.
Blinks Monster teleports to a random square when hit.
Fast regen Monster regenerates health twice as fast.
Counters fireball Hitting this monster with a fireball will trigger a regular counter-attack (damage is still dealt)
Death protection (X) Monster is protected from death X times: A hit that would kill reduces the monster to 1 HP instead.
Berserk X% Monster does double damage if its own health is below X% of maximum.
Death Gaze X% Monster's attack instakills if your health is below X% of maximum.