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There are many different monster types you will encounter throughout Desktop Dungeons. Each have different stats and traits, and thus present a specific challenge to the player.

List of Monsters

See Traits for a full list of traits and what they do. Also see the list of bosses.

Basic Monsters

Common monsters found in just about any dungeon.

Name Attack Health Traits Location Unlock
Bandit Monster Icon.png Bandit 70% 100% Cursed.png Cursed Any Upgrade Thief Den to Lvl 3
Dragon Spawn Monster Icon.png Dragon Spawn 100% 125% Magical attack.png Magical attack Any Upgrade Church to Lvl 3
Goat Monster Icon.png Goat 100% 90% Magic resist.png Magic resist 25% Any Upgrade Mage Tower to Lvl 2
Goblin Monster Icon.png Goblin 120% 100% First Strike.png First Strike Any
Golem Monster Icon.png Golem 100% 100% Magic resist.png Magic resist 50% Any Upgrade Mage Tower to Lvl 3
Goo Blob Monster Icon.png Goo Blob 100% 100% Physical resist.png Physical resist 50% Any Upgrade Guild to Lvl 3
Gorgon Monster Icon.png Gorgon 100% 90% First Strike.png First Strike, Death-gaze.png Death-gaze 50% Any Upgrade Thief Den to Lvl 2
Meat Man Monster Icon.png Meat Man 65% 200% Any
Serpent Monster Icon.png Serpent 100% 100% Poisonous.png Poisonous Any Upgrade Church to Lvl 2
Warlock Monster Icon.png Warlock 135% 100% Magical attack.png Magical attack Any
Wraith Monster Icon.png Wraith 100% 75% Undead.png Undead, Mana Burn.png Mana Burn, Magical attack.png Magical attack, Physical resist.png Physical resist 30% Any Upgrade Guild to Lvl 2
Zombie Monster Icon.png Zombie 100% 150% Undead.png Undead Any

Advanced Monsters

Stronger monsters found as you venture further outside the kingdom. This list does not include any variety of Plant.

Image Name Attack Health Traits Boss Location
Acid Blob.png
Acid Blob 100% 85% Corrosive.png Corrosive, Magical attack.png Magical attack Naga City, The Slime Pit
Animated Armor.png
Animated Armour 160% 55% Magical attack.png Magical attack, Death Protection.png Death Protection (1 layer per level) Halls of Steel, Cursed Oasis
Berserker 100% 100% Berserks.png Berserks 50% Berserker Camp, Wizard Bronze
Burn Viper.png
Burn Viper 100% 100% Mana Burn.png Mana Burn, Blinks.png Blinks Berserker Camp, Naga City, Namtar's Lair
Blood Snake.png
Blood Snake 100% 100% Spawns.png Spawns Bloodmage Bronze
Cave Snake.png
Cave Snake 70% 160% Poisonous.png Poisonous, Spawns.png Spawns Magma Mines
Changeling 100% 100% Varies by class Shifting Passages
Cultist 80% 80% Cowardly.png Cowardly, Revives.png Revives (into Zombie)
Desert Troll.png
Desert Troll 85% 140% Cowardly.png Cowardly, Fast regen.png Fast regen Northern Desert
Djinn 100% 110% Magical attack.png Magical attack, Retaliate- Fireball.png Retaliate: Fireball
Doom Armor.png
Doom Armor 100% 65% Berserks.png Berserks 50%, Death Protection.png Death Protection (1 layer per level) Demonic Library
Druid Monster Icon.png
Druid 80% 80% Magical attack.png Magical attack, Death Protection.png Death Protection Havendale Bridge, Dragon Isles, Western Jungle (Boss only)
Forest Troll.png
Forest Troll 85% 100% Cowardly.png Cowardly, Fast regen.png Fast regen, Magic resist.png Magic resist 25% Dragon Isles
Frozen Troll.png
Frozen Troll 65% 100% Cowardly.png Cowardly, Physical resist.png Physical resist 50%, Magic resist.png Magic resist 50%, Magical attack.png Magical attack
Druid Monster Icon.png
Gardener 100% 100% Physical resist.png Physical resist 50%, Retaliate- Fireball.png Retaliate: Fireball, No Experience.png No Experience Southern Swamp (Passage)
Gelatinous Thing.png
Gelatinous Thing 100% 100% Retaliate- Fireball.png Retaliate: Fireball The Slime Pit
Imp 100% 80% Blinks.png Blinks Demonic Library
Illusion 100% 100% Physical resist.png Physical resist 50%, Retaliate- Fireball.png Retaliate: Fireball, Weakening blow.png Weakening blow Halls of Steel
Minotaur 100% 100% Knockback.png Knockback 50%, Berserks.png Berserks 50% Magma Mines, Shifting Passages, The Labyrinth (Boss only)
Muck Walker.png
Muck Walker 100% 100% Undead.png Undead, Weakening blow.png Weakening blow The Slime Pit
Naga 100% 85% Weakening blow.png Weakening blow Ick Swamp, Naga City
Rock Troll.png
Rock Troll 100% 100% Cowardly.png Cowardly, Fast regen.png Fast regen, Knockback.png Knockback 50% Rock Garden
Rusalka 100% 100% Corrosive.png Corrosive Havendale Bridge
Steel Golem.png
Steel Golem 100% 100% Physical resist.png Physical resist 25%, Cursed.png Curse Bearer Naga City
Shade 100% 75% Physical resist.png Physical resist 30%, Undead.png Undead, Blinks.png Blinks, Life steal.png Life steal 40% Creeplight Ruins (after killing sacrificial goat), Cursed Oasis
Slime Blob.png
Slime Blob 100% 100% Cursed.png Curse Bearer, Magical attack.png Magical attack The Slime Pit
Thrall 100% 110% Mana Burn.png Mana Burn, Poisonous.png Poisonous, Undead.png Undead Cursed Oasis, Demonic Library, Teeth Teeth Teeth Subdungeon
Tokoloshe 100% 100% Cowardly.png Cowardly, Physical resist.png Physical resist 50%; Drops Tokoloshe Charm on death Havendale Bridge
Vampire 100% 100% Life steal.png Life steal 40%, Magical attack.png Magical attack Ick Swamp, Naga City, Eastern Tundra (Boss only)

Monster stats, level, type and dungeon difficulty

Basically the monster have a range of abilities and stats, and each type present a unique difficulty to the player. Also, the higher their level, the stronger they are.

Base stats and level

For every monster, two formulas to determine the base stats depending on the level. Then, depending on the monster type, modifiers are applied :

  • for base hp, you use (n(n+6)-1), where n is the monsters level,
  • for base attack, you use (n*(n+5))/2, where n is the monsters level.

The monsters base stat depending on the level are shown below :

Level Base Attack Base Health
1 3 6
2 7 15
3 12 26
4 18 39
5 25 54
6 33 71
7 42 90
8 52 111
9 63 134
10 75 159

Monster type modifiers and traits

After these base stats have been calculated, modifiers and traits are applied. So each monster type present a unique difficulty to the player :

  • Each monster type has an attack and hp modifiers, which indicates what percent of the base number provided below they have. For example, Bandits have 100% hp and 70% attack. Therefore a level 3 Bandit would do 8 damage and have 26 hp.
  • They also receive traits, which give them special abilities (such as Cursed.png Curse Bearer for the bandit, which will add one layer ofCursed.png Cursed to the player every time he gets hit by the Bandit, or when he kills it)

However, note that bosses don't follow the same progression as other monsters : they usually are stronger (better stats, and different traits) than what would a regular level 10 monster have.

Monster stats and dungeon level

Dungeon Monster Difficulty Notes
Hobbler's Hold 80% -
Den of Danger 100% -
Venture Cave 100% -
Western Jungle 100% -
Eastern Tundra 100% -
Northern Desert 100% -
Southern Swamp 100% -
Doubledoom 110% -
Grimm's Grotto 140% -
Rock Garden 100% -
Cursed Oasis 115% -
Shifting Passages 130% -
Havendale Bridge 105% -
The Labyrinth 130% -
Magma Mines 130% -
Hexx Ruins 100% -
Ick Swamp 120% -
Slime Pit 120% -
Berserker Camp 100% -
Creeplight Ruins 110% -
Halls of Steel 120% -
Demonic Library 140% -
Dragon Isles 140% -
Naga City 150% Arena: 120%
Vicious Steel 140% -
Namtar's Lair 150% Underworld: 100%
Towers of Gaan-Telet 100% Each tower has cumulative +10% difficulty

The indicated percentages get applied to increase both the Attack and Health of all monsters present on the map. If you prepare the Vicious Token, then the above percentages get ignored, and instead each monster has 160% Attack / 200% Health. (This also means that on towers 7-9 of Vicious Gaan Telet, monsters will have lower Attack if you prepared the Vicious Token, than if you did not.)

Distribution and level

Not counting bosses and special uniques, each dungeon contains 38 monsters, with the following level distribution

Level Number Total XP
1st 10 10
2nd 5 10
3rd 4 12
4th 4 16
5th 4 20
6th 3 18
7th 3 21
8th 3 24
9th 2 18

Or, in graphic form: