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Story Location Additional Informations
Tales of the Favoured, extract:

<pink>"... and as she approached the great serpent, it raised itself from the floor and struck at her neck. The attack was brief and deadly - two puncture marks silently wept blood onto her collar. Yet even with the liquid anathema flowing through her veins, she raised her hammer and shattered the vile creature's skull, all the while praying to divines who may or may not have existed.

The creature perished, and her body felt a sudden pureness again..."</pink>

North - Cursed Oasis Level 6 snake guarding a Fortitude Tonic and some gold
This sign is old and weathered, but the script is neat and precise.

"The experience has changed me. I got what I wanted, but now I forget why I wanted it. I can sweep aside any foe, but which one was the enemy I wanted to destroy?

I dream of a figure in a hood, but no more than that."

East - Eastern Tundra three Goat Horns and some gold
Fighting continues in the South. To end this madness, the Dragons will be sending our champion as an envoy. West - Havendale Bridge ~6 gold piles
The sign here is old and faded. You make out only a few words.

"... speaks of a lost and ruined tower, known in ancient texts as "Gaan-Telet". The secret of its location is protected by powerful magical wards, and the Tower floors themselves regularly shift in and out of existence, ensuring that each new intruder meets a unique and terrifying challenge. No two Tower experiences are ever the same..."

South - Venture Cave 3 spoons, 4 gold piles
From the Book of Namtar:

<red>"... and then came his greatest achievement. He discovered true immortality, and rendered himself untouchable by the divines. It came at a great cost: whatever he'd discovered in the Pit had broken him, too."</red>

East - Creeplight Ruins Cracked Soul Orb ("There are few known forces which can damage a soul orb like this. You feel uneasy. Provides a charge of death protection upon entering the inventory, then becomes inert.", 10g, 50c) + 5 gold piles