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Random spells

Well, we know that glyphs aren't pure random - fireball is always on the map. It's possible, that set of glyphs is randomised some way like items in the shop.

GETINDARE ("always first strike"-bug!?)

Lately i experienced some problems with that spell. I died some times trying to finish an enemy with that spell. Anyone else? 20:39, 26 July 2010 (UTC)

This is commonly caused by attacking a goblin or medusa which GETINDARE intentionally doesn't work on. You should probably try to come up with a better bug report than "it happens sometimes".

  • GETINDARE (and anything else that gives first strike) are useless against Gorgons and Goblins, who already have first strike to begin with. I've edited the appropriate entry on the Strategy page to reflect this. --OrigamiGuy

Glyph combos needed?

Perhaps we should add in a section of combinations of glyphs that work particularly well together. There's the occasional nugget of information on the strategy pages (APHEELSIK and CYDSTEPP, for example), but I think that there are enough combos to warrant their own section. Whether this would live as a section of the Advanced Strategy page or the Glyphs page I leave up to the general consensus. I tend to think it would fit better in Advanced Strategy, but that's just me.

Example: The other day I was playing as a Bloodmage, and got the LEMMISI glyph early. I went and worshipped Mysteria, turned on BLUDTOPOWA, and picked up BURNDAYRAZ as my third glyph. Cast fireball on some random huge monster, cast LEMMISI twice, and my mana's back to full with 3 piety for my trouble (6 once I got the Faith boon). By the time I had LEMMISI'd the whole map I had enough piety to get every boon from Mysteria with plenty to spare. I got lucky again by finding a Pactmaker altar, and still had 60 piety after the conversion cost. All of this before hitting level 2, and with all my mana potions intact. With the Pactmaker's mana boost combined with Mysteria's boons the rest of the game was pathetically easy, and I defeated the boss at level 6. --OrigamiGuy

Glyph Pages

The data found on this page would obviously go into each sub-page but thought about other items that could as well:

  • Template with: Name, Image, Mana Cost, Unlocked by:, Classes that start with it, Gods that favor/dislike
  • Section for Strategy of use, which classes benefit the most, perhaps which bosses the Glyph is most effective against?
  • Section for Gods, with summary pros and cons of usage

Not sure what else would go well with it, any other ideas?