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Random spells

Well, we know that glyphs aren't pure random - fireball is always on the map. It's possible, that set of glyphs is randomised some way like items in the shop.

GETINDARE ("always first strike"-bug!?)

Lately i experienced some problems with that spell. I died some times trying to finish an enemy with that spell. Anyone else? 20:39, 26 July 2010 (UTC)

This is commonly caused by attacking a goblin or medusa which GETINDARE intentionally doesn't work on. You should probably try to come up with a better bug report than "it happens sometimes".

GETINDARE (and anything else that gives first strike) are useless against Gorgons and Goblins, who already have first strike to begin with. I've edited the appropriate entry on the Strategy page to reflect this. --OrigamiGuy