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Redone it top to bottom, or rather, first-drafted the rework, still need a bunch of things done tomorrow to even call it a proper first draft. I think I did a better job than with the fighter, feel free to comment.

I may have oversold the "priests are terrible at worshiping gods" thing, but on the other hand my experience with newbies is that tryign to melee stuff with the fighter and trying to worship gods with the Priest are the top two things most likely to drive someone away from the game when it comes to stuff you can actually write up on the wiki.

Also I can figure that the Priest is called the Fighter and the Figther the Priest for several reasons, it's just that "don't think of that guy as a priest, he's a fighter, and whatever you do don't go trying out gods with him" has been demoralizingly relevant advice. I've seen it be the difference between people playing as if gods don't exist at all (because messing around gods with a priest is such a trap), and people figuring complex strats on their own simply because they werent afraid of fiddling with gods (becuase it's significantly more difficult to screw up with gods if you're not a priest).