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This page is about the Full/Beta Version of the game, if you are looking for the Alpha/Free Version, see Alpha:Thief
Human Thief Large.png
Class traits
Deal an extra 30% damage on the first attack against any new monster
+33% more items on dungeon maps
Health potion.png Health potions and Mana potion.png Mana potions restore both health AND mana




Human thieves ({{HuTh}}, Human Thief.png Human Thief) become even more of a striker character, and should try to increase their Base Damage as much as possible.


Elf thieves ({{ElTh}}, Elf Thief.png Elf Thief) improve the effectiveness of the mana granted by mana and health potions thanks to the maximum mana increase, even tho this grants only marginal benefits overall.


Dwarf thieves ({{DwTh}}, Dwarf Thief.png Dwarf Thief) can afford to play a little more like a tank, leveraging the extra health given by both kind of potions.


Recommended race.

Halfling thieves ({{HaTh}}, Halfling Thief.png Halfling Thief) benefit from the the Thief's survivor class feature, granting them extra benefit every time they use one of their potions. In addition, thieves will find one additional powerup of each kind hidden within the dungeon, meaning they have less need for improvements to attack bonus, health, and mana. However, the thief remains a highly versatile class and will perform well with any race.


Recommended race.

Gnome thieves ({{GnTh}}, Gnome Thief.png Gnome Thief) are very similar to their Halfling Thief.png Halfling Thief counterparts (read above), except that they are less susceptible to Mana burn.png Mana burn and more to Poisonous.png Poisonous.


Orc thieves ({{OrTh}}, Orc Thief.png Orc Thief) can land very powerful Stab attacks due to the bonus Base Damage, if they also manage to get First strike.png First strike they can bruteforce through most of the uncomplicated dungeons.


Goblin thieves ({{GoTh}}, Goblin Thief.png Goblin Thief) can focus on powerleveling early and face the bosses having spared most some of their potions and exploit the natural strike order in the later phases of the game.


The thief is one of the most well-balanced and versatile classes in the game, and is best described as a jack of all trades. What's better, you really don't have to do any work to get the most out of his class features; more powerful potions and more stats boosters are just things you'll get to benefit from naturally. However, he is not well-suited to most specialized strategies and will need to find ways to leverage all of his resources effectively to win.

Thieves are best played as hybrids that juggle spellcasting and melee combat to win.

A particularly good combination for thieves is combining the HALPMEH.png HALPMEH glyph with deities and items that boost their resistances. The higher your resistances, the more effective your hit points become. Because his mana will be used to regenerate health, this allows the thief to funnel all the advantage of his extra powerful potions into hit points. It's a very good idea to find a way to increase your damage output when playing the thief in this manner, relying on your potions and resistances for survival. The HP->Attack booster swap is strongly recommended for such a character.

Thieves benefit well from the Trisword.png Trisword and File:Dragonshield.png Dragonshield items as preparations.

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