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Note: Ideally every tileset should be given an independent entry with descriptions and screenshots. Right now I just added the TIGSource thread and some posts in the NAG thread.

>==Change Your Tileset== Click on the "Tileset" button in the main game interface. Type in a directory name and you are good to go. The game will automatically "hunt" through the designated directory name in the "tilesets" directory.


Under Construction! Please Visit Reserve Page. Page Will Be Available Shortly


Alternate Tilesets

Derek Yu's tileset: The original post.
Hangedman's Roguelike tileset: reply #18, #21
Hangedman's Oryx tileset: reply #23
Pencil_In_Pain's Strain tileset: reply #29
bluddo's Gameboy themed tileset: reply #34
Dugan's ZX Spectrum themed tileset: reply #44
  • Pumpkinburger's female classes and other stuff
  • prestige's plainer tiles and glyphs

Known Issues

As of v0.051, the file "Wall2.png" doesn't work. This should be the gray brick tile used for the interface panel background.

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