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Note: Ideally every tileset should be given an independent entry with descriptions and screenshots. Right now I just added the TIGSource thread and some posts in the NAG thread.

Change Your Tileset

Click on the "Tileset" button in the main game interface. Type in a directory name and you are good to go. The game will automatically "hunt" through the designated directory name in the "tilesets" directory.

Alternate Tilesets

Derek Yu's tileset: The original post.
Hangedman's Roguelike tileset: reply #18, #21
Hangedman's Oryx tileset: reply #23
Pencil_In_Pain's Strain tileset: reply #29
  • Pumpkinburger's female classes and other stuff
  • prestige's plainer tiles and glyphs

Known Issues

As of 0.51, the file "Wall2.png" doesn't work. This should be the gray brick tile used for the interface panel background.

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